Bio-Touch Serves as an Energy Therapy Technique

Some Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices involve manipulation of various energy fields to affect health. Such fields may be characterized as veritable (measurable) or putative (yet to be measured). Practices based on veritable forms of energy include those involving electromagnetic fields (e.g., magnet therapy and light therapy). Practices based on putative energy fields (also called bio-fields) generally reflect the concept that human beings are infused with subtle forms of energy. Bio-Touch, a healing touch technique, is an example of such a practice. No form of energy therapy is regarded as a replacement for conventional medicine, but we believe that Bio-Touch works extremely well when used in conjunction with traditional medicine.

Learn More About Energy Therapy By Using an Energy Therapy Technique Called Bio-Touch

To begin understanding the Bio-Touch energy therapy technique, just become a member of our non-profit community. This membership entitles you to a complimentary copy of our training eBook which is normally a $49 value. Our eBook teaches you everything you need to know about how to apply Bio-Touch to any ailment of the body.

Do You Have Questions Regarding Energy Therapies and How They Relate to Bio-Touch?

We recognize that not all energy therapies are the same. If you have any questions that you would like answered before you decide to become a member of our non-profit community, please call, email or send us a live chat message. By joining the Bio-Touch community and practicing this simple touch healing technique, you will be gaining the experience that long time practitioners have enjoyed for years.

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