For some time now, I have been speaking about Bio-Touch being a gift of love for Humanity, a gift of remembering that we are all connected to each other.  In fact, the more I work with the wonderful people in the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) and experience this amazing healing modality personally, the more I am convinced it is true.

February is called the month of love, a time we can show those we care about and care for how much they mean to us.  But what if we could show them this love every day? There is one sure way that can happen— with Bio-Touch, the physical application of the Golden Rule, “Love Thy Neighbor.”  With a light touch, this powerful technique offers everyone the opportunity to experience a true relationship of love, healing, and equality. And in that relationship, the illusion of separateness disappears.

The work of IFBM to share the gift of Bio-Touch with the world is essential, worthwhile, and important.  Bio-Touch changes lives!  During this month of love, please consider giving someone you care about an $18 IFBM membership, a gift that lasts all year long and offers them an opportunity to be a part of something amazing.

Join our Revolution of Love!


  1. I’m so excited. The German publisher sent me the Bio-Touch book. Now all German speaking people can read about this wonderful healing technic.
    With love
    Michaela Haupt

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