“Perfect love cannot be without equality.”  Scottish Proverb

I love the way sharing and receiving Bio-Touch rewards people with so many beneficial gifts! Of course there is the relaxation, lowered stress levels, reduction in pain and relief of disease symptoms. Even more amazing, though, is how this light touch reaches deep into our very being, letting us know that things are okay. We aren’t alone; someone is there, connecting with us. That’s where the healing process really begins. It’s love, and we all need and crave that loving touch whether we realize it or not.

But there’s another significant benefit to Bio-Touch that you may not have thought about. Bio-Touch promotes equality of humanity. Wow! How does such a simple healing technique do that? By leveling the playing field between people the moment one touches another on the Greeting point. Immediately, who someone is, where they’re from, or what level of education they’ve received ceases to be relevant. Their age, sex, weight, skin color, belief system, bank book, and political affiliation evaporates like yesterday’s clouds.

What matters is this truth: each of us is from planet Earth and has a mind and body that sometimes gets out of whack. That is the human condition. It’s what we all have in common and can relate to after all the other stuff has been stripped away. Bio-Touch is the healing balm of equality for humanity. And that’s the biggest gift of all!



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