“Bio-Touch has been a wondrous journey filled with healing, love, community, sharing and friendship. The extraordinary healing stories from the thousands of recipients I have applied Bio-Touch with are too numerous to tell, and many are so profound they would be unbelievable to the rational mind. That is the beauty of Bio-Touch, It shatters the normal paradigm of reality and brings forth that which is the “Mystery of Life” into our awareness and consciousness. It paves the pathway for a new way of being and understanding as well as a new way to relate to and Love one another. As far as a tool for self-awareness and understanding I have found nothing better then Bio-Touch to bring forth this flowering into one’s life. Bio-Touch is a vital remedy for inner peace and harmony in this time of turbulence on our planet.”

johnJohn Munno has been a Certified Practitioner and Instructor in Bio-Touch for over 20 years. He came to Bio-TouchTM for his own healing and that was the beginning of many years devoted to self-awareness and growth, service and healing. He started working with the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics as a Certified Practitioner and very quickly became involved in the running of the Foundation. He was the center Coordinator of the Hawaii Center for 2 years and then transferred to Tucson, Arizona where he worked for about 12 years as a Certified Practitioner, Instructor, and Center Coordinator of the Tucson Center.

He has taught classes across the United States from New York to California as both a Foundation and Independent Instructor. He has been a public speaker at numerous clubs, organizations and various outreach events and fairs. He was a board member of the International Foundation for 15 years and an Accredited teacher responsible for holding the mission and vision of the Foundation.

John was one of the core people to help the foundation grow from a small non-profit in Honolulu to an International Organization with a global presence. He helped implement many of the Foundations programs currently in existence. Over the years, he has worked on thousands of people and has been a pillar of strength for the Foundation and Bio-Touch.

John is available for sessions and classes. He is one of the few Practitioners and Instructors on the East Coast. Contact John for a session or interest in learning Bio-Touch

In addition to Bio-Touch, John is a Certified Sclerologist and Classically Trained Homeopath and healer.

John also shares the gift of healing through is photographic work, www.johnmunnophotography.com.   Visit his website to purchase calendars, greeting cards, fine art prints and canvas, dvds and ebooks. Feast your eyes and soul upon John’s magnificent work. It will help calm your soul and bring peace and healing to you.  Also see some of his works at Facebook Page


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