Bio-Touch Is a Healing Touch Technique Suitable for Leukemia

Bio-Touch, used as a healing touch technique for leukemia, can be very effective at relieving the most common symptoms, such as swollen lymph nodes, fevers, and exhaustion. Standard medical procedures can be very aggressive. Bio-Touch, used as a complementary healthcare protocol, can help neutralize the side effects of this standard care. In any home, family members can easily use Bio-Touch on each other as a touch healing therapy. Specific points on the body are lightly touched to correspond to the metabolism set, and local areas of discomfort are also touched in order to help ease these symptoms.

How to Address Leukemia By using a Healing Touch Technique Known as Bio-Touch

To begin learning and practicing Bio-Touch as a healing touch therapy, please become a member of our non-profit network. This $18 membership entitles you to a free copy of our training eBook, a $49 value. Within this 48 page eBook, with video links, you will learn exactly how to apply the specific points of Bio-Touch as a healing touch technique for leukemia.

Do You Have Questions About Leukemia or the Healing Touch Therapy Called Bio-Touch?

We, at Bio-Touch, know that not all touch therapies are the same. If you have any questions that you would like for us to answer before deciding to become a member, you can call, email, or send us a live chat message. Once you join the Bio-Touch community, and easily learn the points and practice them, you will understand what makes Bio-Touch such a simple, yet profound, technique.

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