There is a type of arthritis in which crystals grow on joints and can lead to immobility of the body. It is painful and brings much suffering. Many times, too, it negatively affects families and friends as the suffering person must withdraw from activities with them due to discomfort. The pain becomes a detriment to day-to-day living and joy.

As I think about the impact of this, I wonder if I could crystallize a high quality of life while in the midst of suffering. What if I could get even moments of relief from the cycle of pain- fear- pain -fear?  What if I could just, for one moment, have what Bev talked about last week: HOPE.

I need only remind myself that Bio-Touch provides the opportunity for hope. It can bring us all to a deeper understanding of why we are on the planet, and maybe even afford us a glimpse of what awaits when we shed this body.

Much research is being done in the area of survival of consciousness and communication with departed souls. But for those of us stuck here and now, what can we do to give us a sense that everything is okay and that it is going to be okay?

I want to share a story of a young couple who came into our Center years ago.  They were in their twenties. The young man had a brain tumor which was continuing to grow and his condition was continuing to deteriorate. There was no hope for his survival. They also were doing many other alternative healing practices and lots of prayer. 

So, we began to work with him doing Bio-Touch at least twice a week.  Amazingly, he began to improve. He began to write legible words on a piece of paper—something he had not been able to do for years—and he was formulating words into sentences. 

In fact he improved so much, the couple was able to go away on a two week vacation. But when they returned, things began to deteriorate quickly for the young man. It was only a matter of weeks before he was placed in hospice knowing that death was just around the corner. Bio-Touch practitioners took turns working with him each day. Though he was in a coma, each time the GREETING SET of points was done with him, he would sigh. No other energy modality or prayer circle elicited that kind of response. It was like he knew someone was there.

When he died soon after, a part of me felt like a failure. Why couldn’t Bio-Touch have brought this young man back to a quality of life with his loving wife?

I attended the memorial which was, of course, a celebration of this wonderful human being. But most interesting was that after the ceremony his wife came up to me and said she just wanted to let me know that Bio-Touch was the one technique, out of all the ones they tried, that brought them hope.

WOW.  Hope. Now, I knew it was not hope that he was going to live. So what was that hope? To this day I see that each person I touch, and each person that is touched by another human using Bio-Touch, is lifted by a sense of hope. And it doesn’t matter if they are suffering from a life threatening illness or the pain of arthritis. There is hope—a hope so deep that it can only be true.

So my hope is that you will practice Bio-Touch to see what possibilities exist for you and for all of humanity.


  1. Paul this is so powerful and I am deeply touched. Thank your for all you have done and will do to bring Bio-Touch to humanity

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