Paul Bucky is a practical, compassionate influencer. He is a businessman, student, teacher, organizer, healer, and the Founder/Executive Director of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, a non-profit educational foundation based in Tucson, Arizona.

Paul is a first generation Jewish man whose family escaped certain death in Nazi Germany in 1939. He was raised in the bosom of the privileged Jewish culture in Los Angeles. Although shielded from the knowledge of injustice in the world, by the age of 5 years old years old, he showed a deep understanding of suffering.

After graduating from college he left the world of materialism behind and began studying the mystical traditions of the world, became involved in numerous social movements and was led to investigate many holistic healing modalities. He would eventually meet the creator of the Bio-Touch technique and has spent the last 30 years dedicating his life to teaching and sharing it with humanity.

Bio-Touch is a unique touch-healing technique for all people because it is simple to learn and everyone who uses Bio-Touch is effective. There are no masters or gurus — everyone is equal. Bio-Touch is profound; it is the gift of remembering that we are love and are all connected.

Read more about Paul’s life story in the new book just published Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips.

To communicate with Paul directly, email him at pb @

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