Paul Bucky





    About Me

  • I am a descendent of survivors from Nazi Germany times.
  • At the age of 5 years old I wished that everyone could be happy, healthy and loved.
  • Throughout college, after a big bout with depression, I sought for Love, Guru and God through various means and world teachers.
  • The best counseling I received was when my therapist leaned over and said: “Paul, you have a lot of love to give.”
  • I spent over 5 years “dropping out” of society.  I lived on acreage without running water, electricity or even a mailbox.
  • In 1988 I moved to a little town called Mancos, Colorado with a population of 900 people.
  • After having a back pain for over a year, I met the creator of the Bio-Touch technique in 1989.  It took two sessions to help the pain disappear.

  • During this time, one of the old timers in Mancos said: “Norman & Carole brought Love to the Mancos Valley.”  I new right away I would spend my years dedicated to teaching and sharing Bio-Touch with humanity.

  • Bio-Touch is profound; it is the gift of remembering that we are love and are all connected.

    Bio-Touch Healing

  • Giving presentations for 20 minutes to 3 hours is my forte
  • I can teach Bio-Touch in person or virtually
  • I will gladly work with you to help your family and friends with personal health and wellness issues


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