For PMS Use Bio-Touch as a Healing Touch Therapy

As stated at the National Institute of Health: A healthy lifestyle is the first step toward managing premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Therefore, Bio-Touch is a perfect healing touch technique that can easily be incorporated into any health care protocol. Bio-Touch helps relieve many symptoms, including abdominal fullness, clumsiness, agitation, headaches, food cravings and fatigue. Anyone can learn this touch healing technique, and apply it to family members at home. Specific points on the body that relate to the head, metabolism, lower abdomen, and lower back, are lightly touched in order to ease the symptoms of PMS.

Learn Exactly How to Respond to PMS with a Healing Touch Technique Called Bio-Touch

Start learning Bio-Touch as a healing touch therapy, now. All you have to do is join our non-profit group. This $18 membership entitles you to a free copy of our training eBook which is normally a $49 value. Inside our 48 page eBook, with clear video links, you will learn precisely how Bio-Touch may be used as a healing touch technique to aid in the symptoms of PMS.

Do You Have Questions About PMS Or Bio-Touch?

We, at Bio-Touch, realize that not all touch therapies are the same. As you research the many options that are available, and begin to have questions about Bio-Touch, please call, e-mail, or send us a live chat message so that we can answer them for you. Once you join the Bio-Touch community, and practice this touch healing therapy, you’ll learn what makes Bio-Touch so beneficial.

Always perform the GREETING before you apply any other sets.
Click Lower Abdomen to see how Bio-Touch is used as a healing touch therapy.

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