Our Graduating Class:  Diane White, Dana MMachacek, Donna Jones

Dana MachacekDana Machacek, Victoria, BC, CANADA

I am really happy I enrolled in the class!  I debated learning online, but it made such a difference to attend the classes in person and to receive “hands on” practice.  Being guided through the points in person helped boost my confidence, and even after the first class, I felt comfortable performing Bio-Touch on my partner (with great results!).

I will happily incorporate Bio-Touch into my daily life, and I look forward to exploring the certification opportunities in the future.


Donna JonesDonna Jones – Massage Therapist, Tucson, AZ

The class is/was very informative and the hands on training as we went through the class was very helpful in retaining information.  I have already experienced benefits, personally, just from the class.  I am excited to apply these techniques.

Diane White – Massage Therapist, Tucson AZ

I liked learning healing with a soft touch.  It’s always a pleasure to add more technique to what I already know.  I enjoyed this work!

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  1. Oh, what wonderful testimonies to the effectiveness of Bio-Touch and the easy to learn technique. Thank you, Dana, Donna,and Diane for being willing to learn and use Bio-Touch. Many Blessings for your future.


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