Nila & Jose Laguana, Christina Hart, MaryJo Moser, Tiffany Sterry, Megan Oros, Guy Hlomatchi

JOSE & NILA LAGUANA: This has given Jose a pattern to direct his God-Given healing energy.  We are impressed with the program, facility and staff!  Thanks for sharing.

Chris webCHRISTINA HART (Massage Therapist):  I feel it can help anyone with the light touch.  It can help the body heal itself!

MaryJo WebMARYJO MOSER (Massage Therapist): I enjoyed this (the class) very much & actually appreciate the “how to” and not necessarily the “why it works”.  It allows for everyone to participate.

Tiffany webTIFFANY STERRY (Massage Therapist): I feel that Bio-Touch is very effective.  I practiced (after the first day of class) with my son, because he has asthma.  I’ve already seen the results.  I like that it is so simple.  Thank you all for all that you have taught me.

megan webMEGAN OROS (Massage Therapist): Wonderful!  I can’t wait to teach my community and bring Bio-touch to Benson. Keep up the good work!

guy webGUY HLOMATCHI: I felt great. The instructors are great.  I’ve learned a lot, and felt confident to practice it on my family members.  Thank you all.

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