Easy to Learn at Home
Training Manual and DVD


Everything You Need To Know Is Right Here for that Healing Touch!

Learn Bio-Touch in minutes to reduce stress, pain & symptoms of disease.
Easy to learn, simple to use with profound results
A Perfect Healing Touch Massage Therapy with Continuing Education Credits.

  • We are always here to support you!
  • This training manual gives you complete instructions on how to apply this touch healing technique.
  • It is simple to follow and comes with a DVD showing someone doing the points while speaking where the points are located. 
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  • Healing Touch Massage can be added to your practice. Testimonials say it releases the fascia.  Get CE Credits HERE




Manual and DVD
Here is the gift of touch – for yourself or a friend! Learn the entire technique using this Manual & DVD Set. The Manual measures 8½” x 11″ and includes photos, drawings, and simple step-by-step instructions on how to locate each set of points. The DVD is 56-minutes in length, providing visual and verbal directions. As you watch practitioners performing Bio-Touch, you’ll hear the narrator speak in terminology consistent with the Manual & DVD.

To encourage ease of learning, no technical language is used—just simple and direct instruction appropriate for all ages.
The EBook version of this Set is also available
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Training Manual and DVD”