Massage Therapist, Nurse & Doula

Tucson In Person Training

10 CE Credits

An ergonomically friendly holistic complement to enhance a massage practice.
A compassionate way to help your patients.
You will notice results immediately!

Upcoming dates in Tucson
June 22 & 23
Aug 18 & 19
Oct 19 & 20
Dec 7 & 8


In this training you will learn the entire Bio-Touch technique and be able to expand your branding so as to stand out from other therapists.
“Wow, the days went so fast and were so engaging….would recommend it to anyone.”
(Details below)

Receive 10 CEU as approved by NCBTMB #504 & California Board of Registered Nurses (CEP 17366)



  • Bio-Touch is a unique, holistic health approach which has clinically been shown to alleviate pain and stress and support good health through all stages of life. (See research here)
  • Bio-Touch is simply lightly touching specific points on the body, in other words, a touch healing therapy. It was created by a mining engineer in Colorado. (See Who We Are section on our website).
  • Bio-Touch is not like anything else in the alternative, complementary or holistic healthcare practices, such as acupuncture, Healing Touch, Reiki or other therapies. There are no “levels” in Bio-Touch, you will be effective immediately.
  • Hear what many, many folks have to say about their experience using Bio-Touch Healing.  (See Testimonials here)
  • This is a two day training where you will practice all of the sets of points under the supervision of trained instructors.
  • By the end of the training you will know how to use Bio-Touch with family and friends….and notice results.
  • Class Fee includes an ebook version with video links of the training manual (print for class), one-year membership, training supervision, and an appropriate Certificate of Completion.
  • Note: Bio-Touch is practiced by touching another person directly on the skin. We will break into groups, so please wear comfortable clothing.
  • For those who want to incorporate this into their Healthcare Practice or begin teaching Bio-Touch, this training is a pre-requisite for the Certification Training Program which authorizes one to represent the Foundation.


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Tucson In Person Training

10 CE Credits”