Home Study Package for Certification

Steps 1 & 2 – BECOME A TEACHER


The International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics is looking for people who are dedicated to service, self-awareness and helping humanity come together for healing.  It is time to bring a profound option in healthcare for everyone from families to professionals. You can be a global representative of this revolutionary movement.

This package includes the Practitioner Training & Certification Program, both needed to become a Certified Practitioner & Teacher of Bio-Touch.

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A Foundation representative will personally support you in your training as you formulate and pursue your desire to teach and share Bio-Touch in your community.

The mandate of this program is to teach you Bio-Touch so that you can represent the vision and purpose of the Foundation and the integrity of the Bio-Touch technique.

You will be trained in how to use all of the Foundation presentation materials – offering you the “Branding Bible” which has consistency of the language and marketing designs used in the Foundation.

Practitioner Training includes:
One ebook version of our training manual
One year membership
Individual instruction via email and online conference
10 Continuing Education Credits for Massage Therapists
12 Continuing Education Credits for Nurses

One hard copy of our training manual/dvd (click here for a preview)
One copy of our book: “Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips”. (View)

Certification Program includes:
One on one training with a Certified Instructor
12 individual written lesson
60 to 100 hours of documented hands-on practice
Point checks via online conference
Training in how to teach Bio-Touch

After completion of the Certification Program, you will be recognized as a Certified Practitioner. You will have all rights and privileges to use trademarked materials of Bio-Touch, and be authorized to teach Bio-Touch to the public.

Certified Practitioner Support includes:
Conference calls on a monthly basis
Materials to include “Branding Bible”
Special access to Certified Practitioner section of the Website
Listed on our website search of Certified Practitioners
Your own personal page on our website with links to your business pages



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Steps 1 & 2 – BECOME A TEACHER”