It is your birthright to be healthy, happy and loved!

We have appreciated your support of Bio-Touch in the past, and look forward to your continued help in getting this unique healing technique out to humanity. 



–Free Condition Workbooks.  These are short sections of our training manual to help alleviate symptoms any health condition
–Receive a FREE copy of our download version of the Bio-Touch training manual with video links;
–Support the work of IFBM as it shares Bio-Touch worldwide;
–Keep up with the latest IFBM news and Bio-Touch testimonials through the Just Touch News;
–Be part of a growing network of friends of Bio-Touch;
–Save money on select vitamins, nutritional supplements, water purification systems, massage tables and books, available only to IFBM Members.

$18.00 for one year

Your 1 year membership fee will be automatically charged to your selected payment method every year.  You may cancel your recurring membership at anytime by logging into your account online or by contacting Bio-Touch at:


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