How Bio-Touch has impacted her life.


Ann Lemley

Toni Dunn, LMT

I dealt with a diabetic patient in a very bad condition, as the immune system produces antibodies that lead to the destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas, and thus the blood sugar level rises in a way that doctors cannot treat. After several sessions, the blood sugar level decreased and the patient’s condition stabilized significantly.

But the surprising thing is that she has been suffering from depression for several years, and that her psychological condition has improved greatly after the Bio touch sessions, and she become a life lover. I learned from this experience that biotech is useful in helping psychological conditions.

Sometimes we deal with specific points that target the pain in a specific place, but we find that there is a problem in another place that has been solved without our intention.

We may also target pain in a specific area of ​​the body, but we find that the psychological state of the recipient has improved.. In general, I noticed that all the cases that I dealt with Bio-touch technology and any other technology, they prefer biotech sessions because it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed and reconcile them on their bodies and themselves.

Dr Hala Shaaban- Egypt

Bio-Touch is about love and spreading love. Anyone with the intention of helping others is a candidate to be a part of this amazing journey of healing through touch.

 What amazes me the most that Bio-Touch is very simple to learn, very easy to apply yet it is very effective and strong because it is based on the own healing mechanism of the body.

A certified practitioner is there just to touch and to respect the free will of the recipient makes Bio-Touch a universal and timeless healing technique.

 I understand that a certified practitioner always has to remember not to make any comments, or give any advice about the healing process of the recipient. But I also experienced that a Bio-Touch session is a unique experience both for the recipient and for the practitioner. For the recipient it helps to connect with his/her body and to understand its own healing capacity. When the recipient connects with his/her body this opens a channel to connect with the soul and to higher levels of awareness.

 For the practitioner it gives the possibility to be a channel for love through the touch. And also because we are all connected it helps to the practitioner to raise his/her awareness.

 The philosophy of IFBM is based on the idea of spreading love through the healing power of touch though it is not a healing foundation. It is an educational foundation that gives the possibility to anyone with good intention to learn and to apply the technique so that the technique can be a part of everyone’s lives. 

turkey certified practitioner
Didem Ozdemir, Certified Practitioner – TURKEY

We are experiencing a very important period of the earth. Maybe this is what Mayans were

talking about. It is changing, the earth is changing, the life is changing, the human being is

changing. I believe the Divine never leave us alone, at first this divine energy gives us some

tools and then Divine let us to experience some storms, some waves alone. So that we can

realize our own power, by using the tools given by the divine before, we understand our own

power and capacity. And this power release us from fears, worries, diseases…


I think Bio-Touch is one of these tools given by Divine to understand ourself better, to believe in

our own power, to believe that we can heal ourselves. Only by touching with two fingers as soft

as butterfly, we are connecting to each other with a pure love. And love is the medicine of all

and for all. Bio-Touch is a technic without any side effect, it is so simple that everyone can

apply. And it has a strong power that supports people to recover. It helps to feel the power of

love and their own power to both of the participant.


During the Corona Days, we have enough time to live a slower life, we have time to think about

our thinking, think about our choices, we are taking new steps and new decisions about how

to live our lives. People are getting more and more interested about awareness, spirituality,

knowing themselves, knowing their capacity, alternative and holistic healing techniques etc. So

this is a big time for IFBM.


It is time for IFBM to be the pioneer for all the members of the Bio Touch family. Now we are

over boundaries. SO it is a good opportunity to make more online meetings, seminars,

workshops. PR strategies and some ads will also be supportive.


IFBM is the roof under where all the members gather. With a collective collaboration Bio Touch

can reach more people all over the world.


There is bridge between bio touch and science & medicine. By underlying this, IFBM is opening

new fields for all the members.


I feel so lucky to experience Bio-Touch and to become of this family. I believe, Bio-Touch will be

just like a Butterfly Effect 🙂 And it changes all one day.

turkey certified practitioner
Damla Tamru, Certified Practitioner -TURKEY

The class was great — very informative.

There was plenty of time for hands-on practice for all of the sets.  The verbal instruction and hand-outs were simple to follow but very detailed also.  Nothing was left out.

I will use Bio-Touch personally on family and friends and I will add it to my “Healing Practice”.

Than you to all of the instructors for the excellent training!

Karen J. Williams

I can see myself incorporating Bio-Touch into my work.  Although light touch hasn’t been what I’ve done in the past, for the most part I have used other modalities using a light touch. This is much different and I like the possibility of its use.  I can see there is much benefit to Bio-Touch.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning from their experience.  I’m happy to be a member and to be accepted into this group.  Thanks for the fun weekend.  I will be using the knowledge I learned.

Jennifer Beard, LMT

I am a massage therapist and PTA.

This was the BEST massage CEU class I have taken so far ( 6 years of ceu’s).

Very friendly professional, educational, organized, good pace, clean environment.  Staff was very well prepared.  Perfect amount of hands-on and reading/learning/going over materials and practice.  Ongoing corrections were demonstrated to ensure proper technique.

I am also a PTA.  I feel I can and will implement Bio-Touch in both massage and for physical therapy.

Bio-Touch is quick and easily performed and non invasive.

I am a skeptic, but Bio-Touch isn’t energy work it is Just Touch that has a positive effect backed by research.

I Love Bio-Touch.  Very well done!!

Ashley O’Donnell, LMT

Heard about Bio-Touch as a way to aid with my Macular Pucker.

The Bio-Touch class was very informative, interesting and fun!  Is was applicable to my profession and life!

I will use Bio-Touch in my personal life with family & friends as needed.

It is such a powerful tool for ALL of us to use.  I may use it with clients in my clinic for ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, behavior issues and traumatic brain injuries (T.B.I.).

There is no limits to the possibilities with Bio-Touch.

Thank you to the great Bio-Touch staff for offering this amazing technique to our world and me.

doulas learn bio-touch healing
Katherine Lackey

I have heard about Bio-Touch for many years.

I love to integrate with Massage with good results.

Thank you for sharing!

Ginger Castle

What brought me to this class was the desire to learn new techniques to help me help others.

Amazingly, Bio-Touch is just as simple as Paul presented it to be.  I now have a wonderful tool to be able to help others without massage.

massage therapist learn bio-touch healing
Donald May

What brought me to this training was curiosity to expand my techniques to use in the field of maternal health.
Fun & Education class for everyday use.  I love the idea that this is for everyone t practice and not just for the “the experts”.

I am excited to incorporate this into birth work — not for me to practice on pregnant people but rather for their family members , especially partners, to learn to use.

doula and bio-touch healing
Penny Bussell

I came to the clinic and decided to try Bio-Touch.  Then I started the training and will continue.  It is great!.
Nice addition for my personal clients and a great technique to add to my wellness certs.  Especially my special needs clients.

Michelle Ruffo

My experience with the Bio-Touch class is that the spiritual aspects of “love in action” and the body healing itself (the “inner physician”) brings it into a natural harmony and balance with itself. Also, the great simplicity of it and availability to everyone worldwide and not charging for what everyone’s body already possesses.

Beth Stormont

I have noticed after some of the sessions a profound relaxation and inner harmony. With the others, a milder relaxation but still some degree of inner harmony and well-being. Most effects lasted through the rest of the afternoon and evening, sleeping very well those nights.

Joel Rosenfeld

I came to the class to get continuing education units.

I will practice Bio-Touch in the near future. This is something I have been searching for and finally found.
Perfect practice for me personally.

Eric Kassman, LMT

I came to the class to learn Bio-Touch and to satisfy my continuing education requirements.

I will be using this technique at work, at home with my family, grandkids and friends.
This workshop ended up being very incredible and with all of the lovely Instructors and all of the attendees was a great crew as well. Thank you for all of the wonderful stories, care and teaching.

Cathleen Massey, LMT

The first and only session before this class, I had immediate relief of pain in my hip and back.
Today while practicing and receiving Bio-Touch, I had alleviation of headache, ear and sinus pressure.
Overall enjoyment.


This is just an amazing testimonial of almost blind lady who begins to see again.

Raba Awyan – Glaucoma

I was on anti-inflammatories for over 20 years for Fibromyalgia.  I had to get off of them as they were eating the calcium in my back.  I would wake up with clenched fists and unable to walk.  The pain was unreal.  Since coming to Bio-Touch, I have none of these symptoms!  My hands and feet don’t ache and I awaken feeling wonderful and appreciative.


Terrie Sherman

I too the class to learn Bio-Touch in order to help facilitate my own healing as well as learn something simple yet powerful enough to bring to my family as well as my acupuncture practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel prepared, at least at the most basic level, to begin to incorporate Bio-Touch into my acupuncture practice.  I can think of countless possibilities to use Bio-Touch to compliment my clinical practice.  I also intend to continue the training and deepen my practice of Bio-Touch as a Certified Practitioner.  I just like how gentle yet powerful it seems to be.

Larry Gatti, Acupuncturist

I am so excited and appreciative and look forward to more!

Jennifer Vallier, LMT

I heard a podcast about Bio-Touch and then became a recipient.

I really enjoyed the class.  I’m looking forward to the next class and being able to do more practice.

Karen Reynolds

I came to the class because I wanted to give back for all the generous services of the Bio-Touch Practitioners I’ve received.

I can use Bio-Touch working with clients doing Somatic Experiencing in my Wilderness therapy company.

Alison Torba

Sally talks about using Bio-Touch for pain relief especially because there is no chance for addiction or side effects.

Sally Spoestra, RN –

Sally Spoelstra, RN speaks of integrating Bio-Touch into our healthcare program – even to reduce one pain med.

Sally Spoelstra, RN

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thank you for coming to Mrs. Benter’s second period class at Hohokam on Wednesday, January 18, 1995.

I found your presentation on Bio-Magnetic touch healing very interesting.  It made me think of things in a new way.  Although you couldn’t show us all of the ways to heal things, I was happy that you did show us one of many techniques.  I really enjoyed your presentation and I hope you can come back sometime.

Now that you came to m class, I am showing and telling everyone of this unbelievable technique.


Jene’ S. – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thank you for coming to our science class at Hohokam middle school.

I think that it is interesting that you can heal someone just with your two fingers.

I though it was interesting when you said that your mom died and you used your finger and you healed her, and all the other people you healed.

I really appreciate you coming to our class and telling us what you do and how you do it yourself.


Priscilla V – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thanks for coming to our class and teaching us about life, and foods.  It’s nice of you to come and waste your time for us.

I like the part you were showing us about healing people by using your hands.  It will be cool if I knew how to do that.

I hope you come back to show us more about healing.  I wonder if you could heal arthritis and swelling problems.


Walter P – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Thank you for taking your time to coming to Ms Benter’s 2nd period Science class and telling us about how people can heal themselves.

I think it is interesting how you can heal yourself when you have a headache or a backache.

Something that I would try from hearing your speech is that the next time I have a headache I will try to heal myself to see if it really works.


Lisette C – 8th grade

Dear Paul Bucky,

Mr Bucky I think your speak was very interesting.  I think it was interesting to know that anybody can do touch healing.

I would like to thank you very much for teaching us this teacneak that is so helpful to me because I get headach alot.  so now I know something that will help my problem and it feels weird when it gets done to you.  Me and my mother tryed this and hopefully it will help me in the perious years.

Thanks for comming to our class,  I had lot of fun.  I like it.  A Great big thanks.


Victor B. – 8th Grade

I purchased the manual last year and use Bio-Touch faithfully everyday.  I have a background in holistic healing and am well versed in numerous modalities BUT I have to say Bio-Touch is by far the best modality I have found in terms of results… I love it❤️

I did have a suspicious growth on my left forearm that I had to have removed and biopsied and about two months before it was removed I started focussing the healing on that growth and it shrank down to a tiny little spot…i thought that was quite impressive!! Biopsy results were that it was benign:) I use bio-touch everyday for stress reduction and for sleep at bedtime as well as for anything else that I experience healthwise and also for my husband.

If you ever do a training in Ontario please let me know as I would love to take a proper training.

Sue Trottier – CANADA

Clients have come to me seeking alternative treatment.

Though I am still anxious, I admit that it will probably take a week or two before I can use Bio-Touch.  I will.  I am planning on adding it to my normal eclectic modality.  Thank you.


Cameron Honokee, LMT

I wanted to incorporate Bio-Touch into my practice in which I work with addiction and obesity.

In 2000 I took the Practitioner Training after my husband fell in an accident.  He almost died.  The associate at the Bio-Touch Center came to the hospital and worked on him.  I saw that his pulse oxygen went from 80 to over 95 while they were working on him!  I have been working in the corporate world for the last 19 years and have forgotten how important Bio-Touch is.  I have moved back to Tucson and wanted to re-take the class and finally become certified.  I have seen and experienced the benefits and want to share them with my family, friends, and clients.


Dr. Cheryl McKenzie

A friend was familiar with Bio-Touch and suggested that I try it.

This class was amazing!  After only 1 weekend I feel empowered and confident to share Bio-Touch with family and friends.  In the beginning, I was slightly frustrated with the “we don’t know why it works” replies however, by the end of the day, I was not only able to accept this but actually found myself laughing and enjoying myself as I shared this with my family.  Thank you for the honesty and sense of humor.







Kimberly Stevens – Teacher

Part of Eileen’s Presentation at the Gout Health Condition Workshop in 2019.
Eileen tells us how she wished she just had one more trick while trying to help her patients out in the nowhere land of Colorado.


Eileen Webster – Pharmacist

The class is/was very informative and the hands on training as we went through the class was very helpful in retaining information.  I have already experienced benefits, personally, just from the class.  I am excited to apply these techniques

Donna Jones – Massage Therapist, Tucson, AZ

I am really happy I enrolled in the class!  I debated learning online, but it made such a difference to attend the classes in person and to receive “hands on” practice.  Being guided through the points in person helped boost my confidence, and even after the first class, I felt comfortable performing Bio-Touch on my partner (with great results!).

I will happily incorporate Bio-Touch into my daily life, and I look forward to exploring the certification opportunities in the future.


Dana Machacek, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Lester had a “sense” of what was happening at Bio-Touch.  His pain just went away.

Les Geisel

Edwin had a stroke years before he started coming to Bio-Touch.  Hear how it has helped him.

Edwin Monier

Tod was the Instructor Program Director.  He speaks of his experiences with Bio-Touch.

Tod Zelickson

Why Wynelle came to Bio-Touch and the sense of well being she received. Can’t believe that simple touch could have such a profound effect.  Bio-Touch Bliss!

Wynelle Waters

Janice becomes an Instructor of Bio-Touch.

Janice Jones

How Jovanka will use Bio-Touch with her family.


What does Marta appreciate about Bio-Touch training & classes.

Marta G.

How did Kathryn like the classes and what does she hope to “do” with Bio-Touch.

Kathryn R

Helped Carlos with his sinus he can breath!  And the fog has been lifted.

Carlos C

Todd Felder

Ariana has only been in for three sessions…hear what already has happened.
…”helped me find peace…”

Ariana Lavzon

I am currently working at a large HMO as a Parent-Child Clinical Nurse Specialist.  My job is to facilitate patients across the patient care continuum from clinic to hospital to home.  During this time, when hospital stays are getting shorter and alternatives to hospitalization need to be considered, I believe Bio-Magnetics offers valuable tools to nurses and patients’ families.  I took the introductory Class at Kapiolani Community College and have gone on to become certified by the Foundation.  I now volunteer at the Center where we offer individual sessions in BMTH.  I have found my experience in the Center greatly rewarding, and I have had the opportunity to work on my own as a BMTH practitioner.  I feel especially grateful to have been involved with a recipient who I worked with from the ICU through the skilled nursing Facility who had been diagnosed with Guillian Barre.  I encourage all nurses to attend this introductory course and learn more about the healing potential of Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing.



Dolly Smith BSN, MS, Honolulu, HI

I have worked in the field as a nurse therapist for over 20 years in a variety of settings.  I have seen thousands of mentally ill persons receive treatment for symptoms never experiencing healing.  Although I agree that many psychiatric disorders are neurological brain diseases for which certain medications reduce symptoms, I believe Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing is a valuable technique which mental health professionals need to be educated about to promote actual healing of their clients.

As co-chairperson of the (Hawaii) Statewide Nurse Institute Committee, an annual educational offering to about 700 public professional nurses, I had the opportunity to invite Paul Bucky (President of IFBM) to present BMTH at our 1995 Nurse institute on 4 islands.  According to the evaluation forms, the response of the nurses who attended was overwhelmingly favorable about the usefulness of learning BMTH to give better patient care.


Judy Waldman RN, MSN, C Honolulu, HI

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a fascinating form of alternative medicine called Bio-Magnetic Touch HealingTM.  This technique is taught by the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics and involves the light touching of the body with the index and middle finger of both hands.

There are several key differences in this method that cause me to support its use and the work of the Foundation.  First, the Foundation is a not for profit educational foundation.  Their goal is to teach people how to perform the technique.  Second, this method is simple to learn – even children have become practitioners.  Thirdly, this technique is as effective for those who have just learned as it is for experienced practitioners.

I have used this method for a variety of conditions in my own office, including migraines, back pain, shoulder pain, sprains, post-herpetic neuralgia, anxiety, hypertension, and tinnitus to name the most frequent.  I have seen this technique work to reduce pain in 3-5 minutes, sometimes dramatically!

I would encourage you to learn more about this simple, yet helpful technique.  For more information, contact the Foundation.


Michael D. Blanchard  M.D.

Department of Family Practice

Sutter North Medical Foundation

800 Third Street

Marysville CA 95901

From the desk of Michael Blanchard M.D.

Healing with touch is a tremendously powerful “medicine”. Bio-Touch is a gentle, yet profound, approach that initiates deep healing in people.  In this book, Debra Schildhouse masterfully introduces Bio-Touch to the world.  Debra takes the reader on a journey of personal transformation, as she shares many fascinating stories of this simple, yet elegant, healing path.

Dr BJ Adrezin

The story about Bio-Touch is one that needed to be told and Debra Schildhouse is the perfect storyteller to do that job.  This simple, gentle, loving technique has touched so many lives and this book will touch so many more.  Understanding Paul Bucky’s journey will help you to understand why anyone walking into the Bio-Touch Center feelsloved and everyone walking out feels better.

Dr. Bill Gallagher, DC

I recently found out that I was in need of a complete removal of my left kidney.  The doctor told me that my recovery time would be 4 – 6 weeks and I would be in the hospital 4 -7 days.  Because of my age, 54, it might be longer.  Upon setting up my schedule for the surgery, I called Paul Bucky – who happens to be my brother – and asked if I flew him to Hawaii, would he stay for a week and perform Bio-Touch on me.  He flew in the day before my surgery.

From the time I was in the recovery room, he performed Bio-Touch multiple times every day for 6 days.  My wife, Shari, who had taken the class, continued the treatment.  The following day, I was up and walking around.  The third day I was walking about 1 mile a day; I figured out it was 16 times around my hospital floor.  I was out of the hospital in 5 days, off pain medicine when I left the hospital and back to work full-time 1- days after the operation.

Even though Paul is my brother and you may think I am biased, that is the furthest from the truth.  I’m skeptical and have believed in Western medicine.  But I can’t deny what I have experienced.  I can only attribute my quick healing to Bio-Touch.  I’m a firm believe that there is only so much Western medicine can do, and using Bio-Touch along with any other routes you decide to take can only help the process.  If I had had more time I would have used Bio-Touch prior to my operation, but my doctor scared the s— out of me.

Thank you for coming to Hawaii, Paul, to help me out.  It is unbelievable the healing my body has achieved with the help of Bio-Touch.    Aloha,

Bruce Bucky, Honolulu

When I first heard of Bio-Touch, I really didn’t think much of it because we’re doing so many things.   Richard worked on me because I had a horrible abscess in my tonsils.  I couldn’t swallow or talk.  He did the infection point, and it sent a tingle through me.  Bio-Touch felt nice, and I knew right then, “We need to touch.  We need to do this with our family.”  As a massage therapist, I do a lot of touching, but this is different from anything I’ve ever done before.

My tonsils got better which Richard said was amazing.  The next day, the worst side was completely better.  On the other side, the swelling slowly went down until it was completely gone as well.

In Tucson, we had an experience with my son Hyrum at the babysitter.  He has a lot of emotional issues and was crying hysterically for about ten minutes.  We tried walking away to see if he would calm down, but he didn’t.  Richard did the head set on him.  Within 2 minutes, he was fine!  It was an amazing transformation.  I’m looking forward to doing more with him.  Little Madeline loves Bio-Touch just put up your 2 fingers and she lifts her shirt!  Monsi really likes it, especially when Lynette does it.

Richard and I both felt we needed to do this class.  It has been beneficial.  It has been neat to see how Bio-Touch has affected others, since it is new to us.  I’m glad we came.

Elisa Aballay, LMT

To make a long story short, September 12 of 2006 I decided to have my residency to pursue my heart – to practice as a holistic physician.  I didn’t feel that what I was doing in standard medicine was what I wanted to do.

There was a conference that Patch Adams and his wife were doing about designing healthcare systems.  They wanted to inspire and empower people to see what’s needed and create it by thinking outside the box –like one guy who formed his own alternative health insurance company.  I definitely felt I was in that sort of situation, jumping off a cliff into unknown territory.  While I was there I had the opportunity to hear CP Kia Furhman speak on Bio-Touch.  Since I’m interested In energy work, I thought this was going to be like that and felt attracted to go.  I read the IFBM Mission Statement and realized that here was something service oriented, not income oriented.  It was a non-profit group and when I saw the prices for trainings and heard Kia, I just knew at that moment I had to contact them.   I ordered the manual and video online and called about coming to Tucson for certification and bringing my whole family to the Bio-House. We finagled and here we are!

I had an interesting experience before I came to Tucson.  A colleague came to work and was sick.  I could hear her coughing.  I was feeling good about Bio-Touch at this point.  I had done it on my wife so I figured, “Hey I can do something for her.”  I did stress infection, sinus and metabolism points since she was on antibiotics and wanted to help her maximize the effects of it in some way.  She told me that by that evening she was already feeling much better.  I attributed it to Bio-Touch and not the antibiotics because her infection appeared to be viral.  Antibiotics do nothing for viral infections.  I was very excited after this experience to come out here because this will be so simple to offer my patients.  I can’t wait!

Richard Aballay, MD

My name is Barbara Peacock. I was alerted by a friend’s recommendation to the Book of Debra Schildhouse about the history of Bio-Touch™.|

Fascinated by this so simple method I wanted to know more, read the Bio-Touch Practice book and signed up to my first course. I then completed the entire certified training as a practitioner at Michaela Haupt.
The simplicity, the gentleness and my own feeling in the treatments made me realize – this is exactly the right thing for me. I had long been looking for a healing method that is so easy to learn and also to pass on.

It can be combined with all treatment methods and is applied anywhere. I feel very impressive the experience that I perceive the treatment in full clarity. In addition to touching the corresponding points, I mainly work intuitively on the body.

I am thankful that in direct contact with my clients, I can give a gentle stimulus to the activation of the self-healing powers and have been able to experience immediate healing/relief.

Barbara Pfau

This was a call from Robin to cancel her appointments.

“I have to cancel.  I have calmed down so much I have to work with my Doctor to reduce my medications.  You have helped me a lot and I so appreciate you.”

Robin B – Tucson, AZ

I came to the class because my wife asked me to attend so I could help her at home when she is in pain.

I really enjoyed the course.  The instructors kept us involved and entertained, while also leaving the floor open to questions and experiences.  The class time was perfect as three hours (per night) went quickly.  The information was laid out and easy to understand.  Thank you for a great experience I can use for the rest of OUR lives.

Luke Glogg

It was great to learn Bio-Touch with my husband.  It has been great for our relationship and has brought us closer.  Him knowing Bio-Touch has been great for my back pain.  He does it daily.


Amy Glogg

As a massage therapist I incorporated the Greeting into all treatments (this past week).  It seemed to clear my head but allow me to focus on the person under my hands.  Great progress was made during all treatments with “wow” moments consistently happening.

Shea Hincher, LMT

What brought me to the class:  I wanted to work lighter on people and know a way to include that into my massage.  I had felt during my massages for some time to pause and go lighter.

I already have started to include Bio-Touch in my massages.  Mostly I feel that after I worked on an area for some time, traditionally I want to give the body some time to integrate and take a breath.  Contrarily I can start with Bio-Touch to prepare an area.  Either way it helps me to first connect energetically and feel better about what is needed and what the body tries to communicate.

Claudia Wondrak, LMT

Ich wurde von meiner Freundin Anke Paasch mit Bio-Touch “infiziert”. Anke hatte das Buch von Debra Schildhouse gelesen und war so begeistert, dass wir uns im Oktober 2017  gemeinsam zum Practitioner Kurs anmeldeten. Die Zertifizierung schloss ich im Juni 2018 ab.    

Ich und Anke haben es nicht bereut und sind sehr von dieser Heilmethode überzeugt und hoffen, dass wir noch viele Menschen davon begeistern können.


I was “infected” by my friend Anke Paasch with bio-touch. Anke had read the book of Debra Schild House and was so enthusiastic that we joined the practitioner course in October 2017. I completed the certification in June 2018.
I and Anke have not regretted it and are very convinced of this healing method and hope that we can still inspire many people.

Barbara Pfau

Ich habe in irgendeiner Zeitung die Werbung für das Buch von Debra Schildhouse gesehen. Mich sprach sofort die Hand mit dem Schmetterling an. Als ich dann noch das Buch gelesen hatte, war mir klar: Das muss ich erlernen.

Ich habe dann noch Barbara Pfau „infiziert„ und Kontakt mit Michaela Haupt aufgenommen. Im Oktober 2017 haben wir den Practitioner Kurs in Edemissen besucht und uns mit voller Begeisterung zur weiteren Zertifizierung  angemeldet. Seit Anfang Juni 2018 sind wir nun zertifizierte Bio-Touch Practitioners.   

Ich und Barbara haben es nicht bereut und sind sehr von dieser Heilmethode überzeugt und hoffen, dass wir noch viele Menschen davon begeistern können.

I saw in some newspaper the publicity for the book of Debra Schild House. I immediately spoke the hand with the butterfly. When I read the book, I realized that I had to learn.
I then added Barbara Peacock “infected” and contacted Michaela Haupt. In October 2017 we visited the practitioner course in Edemissen and registered with full enthusiasm for further certification. Since the beginning of June 2018 we are now certified Bio-touch practitioners.
I and Barbara have not regretted it and are very convinced of this healing method and hope that we can still inspire many people.

Anke Pasch

I was skeptical when I heard what people said about Bio-Touch. It’s a healing method that uses two fingers of each hand to touch specific points on the body, easing pain, relieving stress, and enhancing the body’s natural healing ability. I had heard anyone could learn to do it. It wasn’t even necessary to possess healing skills or talent. And apparently, everyone was effective on the very first attempt. That sounded too good to believe, and too simple to work. However, I was desperate to find a healing technique that I could depend on.

I had dabbled in a different kind of hands-on healing technique years before, helping a few of my “patients” feel better. It was thrilling to actually relieve someone’s pain. But my method was unreliable, failing when I needed it the most—to ease my own daughter’s misery. Jill contracted viral meningitis, and the intensity of her head and neck pain was too much for my limited healing abilities. Worse yet, her doctors’ heavy narcotics were as powerless as my hands were.

After many hellish days, and two trips to the emergency room, Jill recovered. She was able to resume her busy life with no ill effects. But I felt raw and shell-shocked from the experience, never wanting to feel that helpless or hopeless again.

A year or so before Jill’s illness, I had read an article about Bio-Touch. Its organization offered reasonably priced training classes at the Bio-Touch Center, which just happened to be located eight miles from my home in Tucson, Arizona. Though the healing method sounded intriguing at the time, I was busy volunteering elsewhere. So, I shelved the classes until sometime in the future when I would be less busy. Boy, was that a lousy decision. Now I couldn’t get to that center fast enough!

Unfortunately, on the first day of class I felt out of place among the other students, and even the instructors—all of whom I regarded as hippies and “tree huggers” of various ages. I could hear them talking about their dream journals, green diets, and spiritual studies. Heck, I didn’t even meditate. What’s more, I worried that the healing technique might turn out to be inappropriately weird. I had read that it was done by touching directly on the skin, so it was necessary for shirts to be removed before the healing session could begin. Being a modest woman, I was prepared to run out of that place the moment I felt naked in either the literal or the figurative sense.

But I relaxed when I heard the uplifting stories told by the three instructors. They explained how the Bio-Touch, through its educational foundation, the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, had helped scores of people over the years by offering free healing sessions to anyone who walked through the center’s door. They accepted donations only. Was I hearing things? Could such a place really exist?

When one of the instructors said students didn’t need special knowledge, beliefs, or healing ability to use this technique effectively, I certainly felt qualified. And surprisingly, by the end of the first day of class, I was sure I was in the right place to learn the healing technique I was looking for.

All the practitioners who gave Bio-Touch sessions at their center were volunteers, and I now craved to join their ranks. So I completed the required classes, and an internship program, becoming a certified practitioner five months later. I was elated to be able to touch people, and ease their suffering every time I volunteered there.

But what I hadn’t counted on was how much I learned about myself in the process. I was thrown into challenging situations that I wasn’t prepared to handle. All I wanted to do at that point was run away from the Center and never look back. Instead, with guidance from the Executive Director, Paul Bucky, and some soul-searching, I gritted my teeth and stayed, conquering my deepest aversions and fears in the process.

Years before I met him, Paul’s severe backache had led him to seek relief from the local “healer” in a tiny town in Colorado. The man used Bio-Touch to relieve Paul’s pain completely in two sessions. Paul recognized the untapped potential of Bio-Touch, devoting the rest of his life to volunteering as a practitioner and teaching it to others.

One day he mentioned to me how much he wished someone would write a book about Bio-Touch. He said people all over the world needed to read and learn about the healing technique that anyone could do, anywhere. He envisioned neighbors sharing Bio-Touch inside their homes in remote areas of China or Bangladesh, helping each other feel better.

His words sparked a sudden, overwhelming desire within me to be the author of that book. I didn’t have professional writing experience; I wrote stories as a hobby. But that didn’t seem to matter to the yearning that now burned in my soul. I was hungry to tell what I had seen and learned at the Bio-Touch Center.

I knew I needed to include background from Paul’s life in my book. Besides having lived an extraordinary life, he had expanded Bio-Touch’s reach well beyond the confines of Mancos, Colorado. He had created the foundation that offered classes to anyone who wanted to learn Bio-Touch, because it so perfectly embodied his lifelong creed to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” And, he wouldn’t rest until he shared it with many more people.

I spent hours interviewing him to uncover details about his unconventional life. He had been on a spiritual quest since his youth. In early adulthood, he invited friends to move into his house to embrace communal life. His home soon evolved into a self-sufficient community of residents seeking spiritual enlightenment as well as teaching it to others. Later, he lived in the mountains of Colorado in a one-hundred-year-old stone house without running water, gas, electricity, phone, or mail service. Eschewing modern civilization for four years, he and a select group of people lived as the pioneers had in order to fully concentrate on their spiritual studies.

I was touched, annoyed, amused, and sometimes grossed out by his depictions of past trials and triumphs. But the more I heard, the more I realized our lives had been on parallel trajectories for decades. Without living in close proximity, or even knowing each other, we had gone through the same experiences at the exact same point in time. It was something that neither of us could have imagined, considering our dissimilar backgrounds. Eventually, fate led each of us to the Bio-Touch Center in Tucson, Arizona, culminating in our ever-deepening friendship, as well as a shared vision for the future of the simple, yet powerful healing method called Bio-Touch.

Book Preface – Debra Schildhouse

In 2003 I ran a marathon in Durango, CO.  At the time I hadn’t realized the significance of that feat. When people run the Boston, they’re running at sea level. Durango is at 6,500ft elevation. The run taxes every part of the body. In 2004 I broke my right heel bone and quit running.

So for the last 13 years I’ve had so much pain that I could barely walk at times let alone run.  I learned the Bio-Touch method in the early 90s and have continued to do the touch, however sporadically.

In May of this year I traveled to Tucson and spent 8 days at the center and became a Certified Practitioner.  I have since given several introductory Bio-Touch workshops and have opened a small shop in Durango.  I’ve helped numerous recipients. While in Tucson, I didn’t receive specific sessions regarding my foot issues, however since that time I’ve been pain free.

It has occurred to me that the practitioner receives the benefit of Bio-Touch while doing the points on a recipient. So I’ve added myself to my list of recipients. I am now running again thanks to Bio-Touch.

Dave Claussen

Sam is took the class for credits at the University of Arizona.

Learning Bio-Touch was a very cool experience for me.  It gave me an opportunity to learn something totally new and opened my eyes to something totally outside of the realm of allopathic medicine. I’d like to be a doctor one day and a doctor is only as good as the skills they posses. Learning Bio-Touch was another skill I can add to my “tool belt” so that I can use it one day to be as good of a doctor as I can be.

Sam Hanson

I found the book by Debra Schildhouse on the new book shelf in the library.  I read it in a couple of days (couldn’t put it down).  So I looked up Bio-Touch online and saw there was a class.

I appreciate that ours was a small class.  I felt a connection with all involved as soon as I walked in the door.  The Bio-Touch training was as straight forward as the manual and I feel I can leave and replicate the steps with my family right away.  I am looking forward to helping family, friends and workmates as well as spreading the word to take the class themselves.

Vanessa Klier

Great experience (the Practitioner Training).  Will move to the next level.

Well presented.  easy to follow.

Will practice Bio-Touch with family and firends.

Maybe one day teach it!

Peter Neis

I had a wonderful time learning Bio-Touch.  What I really like was the fact that I never once felt overwhelmed.  All instructors made me feel relaxed and that it wasn’t a big deal not to worry…that the points would come with time.  I loved the relaxed way Bio-Touch just seems to flow.  Great class.  I am really excited to go out there and spread it around.  Than you to you both!

Hanna Winters

This class was fantastic and fun!  Everyone was helpful and inspiring.  Bio-Touch seems to have endless possibilities.  already have a list of folks I would like to help.

Ingrid Aspromatis

I love the idea of keeping it simple…My background in medicine will help enhance my “extra work” (of Bio-Touch) as will my background as a medical intuitive.  After I closed my pharmacy, I became very depressed that I no longer had that love connection with my community.  I’m now hopeful for the future, not only for my own increased health and vitality, but my connection with others.

Eileen D. Webster


It sounds unreal and amazing how effective and easy to perform Bio-Touch.  It’s very beneficial and hearing about other people’s experiences is incredible.  I hope to use Bio-Touch to help the people in my life.

Camarie L. Francisco


Me gusto mucho aprender esta terapia de BT por que aprendi mas los punto exactos de dolor para poder ayudar a mi projimo y sobre todo a mi hijo Angel que tiene Diabetis tipo1. Tambien me gusto el ambiente muy Buenos maestros y companeros y a pesar de que no so hablar ni escriber el ingles aprendi mucho por que aparte Paul el maestro me dio mi teoria en espanol y trataba de hablarme en espanol. Me senti muy agusto exelente. Muchas gracia.


I really liked learning this Bio-Touch therapy because I learned more the exact points for pain in order to help my neighbor and especially my son, Angel, who has diabetes type1. Also I liked the atmosphere very much with all of the teachers and companions. And although I  did not to speak or write the English I learned a lot because, Paul, the teacher,  gave me the theory in Spanish (from the website) and tried to speak in Spanish. I felt very comfortable. Thank you so much..

Carolina Padilla NunezMassage Therapist

How I describe Bio-Touch to my clients:  I tell them, that Bio-Touch is a healing therapy and that it is a technique, that will help the body to increase his ability of self-healing, which each one of us carries inside. I tell them that this ability can be “forgotten” by the body or that a huge amount of other things (for example sorrows, anger, worries) may lay upon it, so our body can not “see” it anymore. But we definitely do have this ability and that we can help our body to put it into action. One way to do this is Bio-Touch.

Christine Vock

I think the class was very well organized and well taught.  My experience was particularly good, with the flexibility given to me to make up the class I missed. I think everything was explained well, and the overall vibe of the class was extremely positive.

At this point, I’m really most excited to use Bio-Touch with my family, especially my kids.  I do hope to incorporate it with clients in the future, especially in areas (of the body) that may need extra attention.  I’m still working out how I’m going to incorporate the GREETING.

This was a great experience.  Thanks for a great class!

Stina Jochem, LMT

My experience with learning the Bio-Touch points was that I immediately was able to put them into practice with beneficial results. I witnessed a deep and immediate relaxation in a client and family members upon practicing the back set.

I appreciated very much the approach of Bio-Touch as an expression of something INHERENT in us as human beings available to be given and received now.

Thank you very much for sharing a valuable, potent and effective tool.

Carey Bjornson, LMT

I took the January 2018 training and got a lot out of it.  Interestlngly, I felt like I was on Cloud 9 for several days after the class.  Since then, I’ve been practicing Bio-Touch on family members as well as instructing my husband on how to give me Bio-Touch.  My mother really likes her session and Hannah, my four year old granddaughter, asked me to bring my purple book the next time I come to her house .  I have also been keeping up with your Monday morning broadcasts which make me feel like I’m in a Bio-Touch class.

Vanessa Kleir
During my treatments, I was already able to experience spontaneous healing several times.
It is happy experiences to look into the incredulous and happy eyes, when suddenly the pain has disappeared or a tension has dissolved. The positive feedbacks make me very happy and I know that I have found exactly the right thing for me with this treatment method .... or it found me !!!!
Since I myself suffer from frequent and severe headaches, I showed my husband a few sentences. That's how I enjoy the BIO-Touch treatments.
I can bring these experiences and feelings well into the treatment of other recipients.
In addition to the sentences I often use the local / manual treatments and feel how the
Energies flow where there are blockages or the connection to the respective areas, body parts or to the organs. I let myself be guided intuitively.
Barbara Pfau – Germany
I have already had different experiences. In general, Bio-Touch is perceived as very pleasant and relaxing.
With my husband, I was able to cure his knee pain with a treatment. He could not perform before. In another client, the back pain was no longer available after treatment.
My sister-in-law had strong neck tension, which had also disappeared after a brief treatment of the neck.
Often, the recipients tell me that when they are treating, they specifically report their previously described pain points, even if I do not work directly on the job,
or they feel a rush of energy. Some also report a feeling of one
"Electric shock" when I put my fingers up.
The headset is often reported as having a "light" feel, even though there was a head pressure before.
It always fascinates me, which feedbacks I get and which successes are possible with this gentle form of treatment.
Anka Paasch – Germany

What brought me here:  My husband had a stroke in 2008 & 2011.  We were using acupuncture since Nov 2014.  It was helping but it was discouraging when he plateaued.  We found Bio-Touch on the internet.  I became a member, downloaded the manual, practiced the points as taught..AND NOTICED RESULTS.

This class was fun!  I felt very safe and comfortable throughout the whole class.  I learned a lot.  It helped to find the points on other people.  I also learned more info about local work to really help Larry (my husband) with his high blood pressure and to get more mobility in his hand and hopefully help his hyper-extended knee.

For me, I want to keep my health.  I’m doing great but want to feel and be even greater.

Rose Mayer

Bio-Touch treatments have helped in my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome and chemical sensitivities.  I want to be able to share it with others in both personal and professional circles.

Christopher Chappell

I heard Paul give a presentation and went home and used some of the points on my husband, who has arthritis.  It helped right away!

Debbi Madson Behm

I really enjoyed it (the class).  I had been suffering from asthma, allergies and bronchitis and the work I received during class and from my co-worker at work helped alleviate my symptoms.  I hope to continue this work as conditions arise.

C. Monika McGill, LMT

I was open to learning this technique but somewhat skeptical as to how much it would add to my practice.  After a profound healing experience during my second class, I am a convert.  I recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their life or the lives of their loved ones.

EDITOR NOTE: Paula had a profound experience teaching her husband how to work on her and she working on him.  He stated that their relationship just seemed to go to a deeper level.

Paula Taylor, LMT

I will be using Bio-Touch with my massage and nursing practices. I will also use it for my kids and rest of my family.  I feel this class has broadened my horizons more and I am excited to use Bio-Touch to help others.

Clarisa Sereno, LMT

Bio-Touch is AMAZING!!!  The points were very easy to learn and incorporate into my way of life and into my massage practice.

EDITOR NOTE:  Maya has been diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis).  Though she is doing much better her receiving Bio-Touch has really helped her in many ways.  Especially in her ability to write this testimonial with clarity and steadiness.  She also spoke of being able to use this for the whole family.

Maya Saylor, LMT

Terri is the Director of Copper Canyon Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Tucson Arizona.

Here is how she feels techniques like Bio-Touch can be of benefit to patients with Alzheimer’s & Dementia.


Terri Waldman

One of the more interesting classes I have attended.  I think it will be easy to use this in my practice.  I am looking forward to learning more.

Rondi Little

It was incredible!!  I loved the ease of learning the touch points and was amazed at receiving physical benefits from other students practicing on me.  It was a very comfortable environment in which to learn this technique.

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.  I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.

Sandy Knight

Amazing! Wonderful! Thank You!

So simple and potential to help loved ones in a very powerful way.

Very refreshing that anyone can do – no hierarchies.  I felt the effects right away – melting of muscle tension, “the sigh” of body tightness release, feeling lighter and happier.

Thank you Bev, Paul & Charlotte for a fun, inspiring and eye-opening class.

Sheri Piper

Paul Appleby, Substance Abuse Recovery Advocate

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Paul Appleby

Last summer I began to have trouble with my left shoulder. I am not sure what the cause was but I think it was just general abuse. Several years before, I had had hurt it trying to start the lawn mower and since then had not been able to pull it hard enough to start it.

Anyway, the pain began and day by day increased until the pain would wake me at night when I turned over. It reached the point where I could not move the arm I a backward motion, forward motion was becoming restricted and sidewise motion was out of the question.
It was about that time that my friend Doris Lalliberte discovered BMTH and took the course. As a way of helping her learn, I and a few other friends let her work on us a couple times a week. It didn’t take very long before I noticed a difference in the way I could use my shoulder.

When I realized what was happening, I made an effort to have treatment twice a week. It took about 3 months before my shoulder feels normal now. Once in a while I move a certain way and am reminded not to abuse it again but, on the whole, I have been saved from a lot of pain and a long course of treatment for “frozen shoulder.”: Thank you, BMTH.

What happened to the lawn mower? We bought an electric one.

Helen Gongaware; Yuba City, CA

Helen Gongaware

BMHT helped me immensely over the years. It has helped me combat stress. During the week my neck will be tight and uncomfortable, but when I come in for my Saturday session, the stiffness disappears and I’m relaxed until I have to go back to work on Monday I have fibromyalgia and the sessions help to loosen my muscles and I feel like a human being again. Oh, and let me add it helps with my allergies and allergy-related headaches. You guys are just great!

Carolyn McElroy, Honolulu

Carolyn McElroy

I got certified with Hospice Hawaii last September. The last few patients/families have requested BMTH. Life is good. Being able to do BMTH with Hospice patients and their families is awesome. Hospice also uses the butterfly unofficially as a logo. I will do the next Bereavement Camp with butterflies and BMTH. I’ve got more testimonials and stories galore and you will hear more from me.

Love, Melissa Rivers Halelwa, HI

Melissa Rivers

Once I get out there to do my other errands I perk up and I’m full of energy. I wish you had started the study when I first started coming so I could see the changes on paper. It would be really dramatic.

Debra Fillmore; Yuba City

Debra Fillmore

I feel more hopeful after a session. My joint pain hasn’t been as bad since I’ve been coming here. I could tell when I missed my appointment, my Lupus was worse and so was my join pain.

Judy; Tucson


“I feel peaceful, calmer after a session. I had throat and prostate cancer and now I’m cancer free! I don’t believe I’d be talking if I hadn’t been coming here through all the radiation. I have absolute confidence that BMTH can bring back my saliva! BMTH helps relieve the everyday stress and tension’ sometimes I come here right after work.”

Tony; Tucson


I’ve been diagnosed with having Parkinson’s disease and that is my main concern. I have decided I don’t want to take drugs and I was looking for natural remedies. Since coming here, I have a much more positive attitude about my condition. Sometimes I think I shake less, sometimes it feels the same. I intend to continue using BMTH in my health plan and I’m very helpful that my condition will improve. I know it will take time. I don’t expect it to be fast because it’s natural. I’m very happy.

Hazel Nakamura; Honolulu

Hazel Nakamura

“I’ve been coming here for about six years. When I first came in I was working 2 jobs and my neck and shoulders were very tight. Since then the pain is lessened. I also knew that I’d make it out of here feeling so relieved so I kept coming back. I’ve also had a lot of success with my sinuses as well. I just like it here.”

Danna Lyman; Honolulu

Dana Lyman

“I came in and my fibromyalgia pain was at an 8, just from working on someone ELSE it goes down to about a 3. That’s even before my session!”

Caroline Knowles, Yuba City

Caroline Knowles

“My head feel clear and I’m soooooo relaxed.”

Joanne Muraoka; Honolulu

Joanne Muraoka

“I feel focused and content after I get worked on. This place is just wonderful.”

Miklani Ho; Honolulu

Miklani Ho

Dear Foundation Family,

Am I ever glad to be back in the hand of the folks at BMTH. Not only has my lupus gone into remission AGAIN, but my kidney dialysis treatments are a lot easier to handle physically, as well as psychologically. Not to mention the fact that my monthly blood tests show that my general health is on the rise. All the numbers have been improving since I’ve been coming back to regular sessions. Who knows, someday I may even be able to maintain my health, without kidney dialysis. With BMTH, the sky is the limit.

I say lupus is in remission “again” because several years ago after having been hospitalized because of the disease, I began coming to BMTH at least 3 times a week At that time I was still very weak, my blood pressure was very high and I literally had to take a hand-full of pills and various medications to keep me going. Slowly I began to feel better. I knew that having people touch me was the key to my recovery. I was so inspired by the simplicity of BMTH that as I got better I went for my certification and my instructorship. I was able to wean myself off of the drugs. One of the drugs was Prednisone, a very “scary” drug that my doctor said I would have to stay on. But my body knew better and I was able to get off of it too.

I got so much better that I was able to go off disability and work full time as a Certified Nurses’ Aide. At the time I discontinued my BMTH treatments because I considered them unnecessary, as my condition seemed to have disappeared. It didn’t take long before I realized how much I missed the quality health maintenance that regular sessions ensure and also I missed just relaxing on the couch of the Honolulu Center.

During the time I was away the Lupus came back with a vengeance. I have 20% kidney function and have to go to dialysis every week. But it is not the terrorizing ordeal it used to be. I actually come in and volunteer in the Center on Tuesday afternoons, then head off to dialysis feeling calm and thank my lucky stars that BMTH keeps on keeping on!

Margaret Morgan; Honolulu, HI

Margaret Morgan

Bio-Magnetics Touch Healing has changed my life profoundly.

In July, 1998, I shared with a friend that I was in the process of taking classes for healing touch. In turn, she shared with me about BMTH and suggested I ask about their classes. As the universe would have it, they were having a practitioner training that weekend. After listening to the story of BMTH and learning about the Center, I knew I had to get involved on some level. Needless to say, my path would take a turn as I entered the doors of IFBM.

Immediately following the PT, I decided to do the Certification Class and began interning at the Center. As I interned, I also got treatment regularly. I began to notice not only physical changes, but also changes in my mental and emotional state of being. Everything I do comes back to myself. Childhood issues surfaced taking me deeper into self. BMTH is like a “trigger point,” the aspect that has brought everything together for me. A long time ago I made a conscious choice to let go of the past and bitterness. BMTH has helped me to understand on a deeper level that the unconscious mind holds all. I could see more clearly my illusions and truth. The best way I can explain what it is for me is by this quote: “The surface holds only illusions; search deeper for the truth.”

I have shared it with my family, friends and many others. I have seen wonderful results with mu children and they love it. One of the neatest things about BMTH is it is contagious. A good friend took my boys to the park. As she pushed my 3 year old son on the swing, she hurt her head. She told me that he got off the swing and began to do sweeps on her hand, telling her he could help her; he knew touch healing. I feel BMTH is a wonderful gift I have been able to share with my children and all others. Because it is so simply, my children can do it and gives them a sense of self-worth by allowing them to help others.

BMTH is an important part of my life and I use it daily. I have been able to share it on very intimate levels. With friends as a Chaplain in hospitals and in homes, I have found that BMTH gives people a sense of integrity, comfort and peace allowing them to move in their own direction and at their own pace. It has been a blessing to see how love helps me get out of the way. Recently, I have found myself teaching BMTH sets to people whether I know them or not. The teaching aspect has become very important to me. I love our mission statement: “Love one another” – it tells me everything I need to know. BMTH has given me so much I have a sense I cannot fail. It is definitely a process of self-awareness and awakening for me.

Diane Gates Hawkins; Honolulu, HI
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Diane Hawkins

I was introduced to Bio-Touch 2 years ago by Terry Hardy.  I thank her every day since for sharing this special “energy” healing method with me

In May, I had an eye examination and was told that I needed to have cataract surgery.  Since my eye doctor doesn’t perform surgeries,  I saw another doctor who does.  When I saw him in June, he told me that I wouldn’t need surgery for at least 10 years.  He was surprised I had been told I needed surgery and was curious about what I had done that made my eyes so much better.  The only answer I could give him was Bio-Touch.  Cheryl and Genny have been doing the eye points for the past few months.  I couldn’t wait until my next appointments so I could share this wonderful news with my special practitioners.

The second thing I would like to share about Bio-Touch is the feeling I get when I am at the Center.  I have had back pain for four years and am having my third surgery next month.  I know Bio-Touch will help in my recovery after my surgery, and that my back will finally be able to benefit from the healing energy I will receive.  I have found that spiritually and emotionally, the power of just being at the Center lifts my spirits and fills me with a peacefulness.  The practitioners and other recipients whom I have met are all such kind, loving, giving, genuine individuals.  My friends ask me why I continue to go to Bio-Touch if I feel so well .My response is always, “Exactly.”

Terrie Sherman

To whom it may Concern:

Thank goodness for Bio-Magnetics!   I have been receiving Bio-Magnetics’ treatments for about 13 moths now and what a change.

The treatments were for high blood pressure, sinus, circulation, back pain, numbness of arms, and stiffness in legs.

The first treatments were for sinus and high blood pressure.  The sinus gave instant comfort as the nasal passage opened up allowing me to breathe deeper.  It was very noticeable a few days later at a singing rehearsal.

The blood pressure treatment felt good but I didn’t notice it going down until after the third or fourth treatment.  I have now passed a physical to get a new life insurance program I flunked previously.

Last December I changed jobs to torqueing bolts in an air gun.  The vibration caused my arms to go numb from my fingertips to my shoulders.  This caused a lot of sleepless nights.  While receiving treatments for this, I could feel the pain go down my arms and out my fingers.

I have been getting 2 or 3 treatments per week for over a year now and amvery grateful for Bio-Magnetics.

Thank you.

Robert Broman

Robert Broman

Anyone who comes to the Honolulu Center on a regular basis will at some point have the opportunity to meet Anapela Lokelani Guveia., otherwise known as Lani.

Lani has become an institution at the Center, and we are pleased to have her. She brings her very own brand of compassion and good humor to us all.   If you’ve ever experienced a “double whammy” or have been”buss-up” you know what we’re talking about.

Lani told me that the first she heard of Bio-Magnetics was from a recipient she knew.  When she heard about it, she called us immediately because, she said, “It sounded like what I was looking for.”  She came in and signed up for a half-day workshop and the introductory class.  Paul Bucky happened to be teaching the half-day workshop and she said that while she was there, “Paul had to answer all of my questions.  Then I knew it was awesome.”

Lani then showed us how “awesome’ she is.  She immediately began to call her friends –Lani has lots of friends.  “I know a lot of people but I called people who also knew people, who know how to get doors opened and how to get this to everybody.”  And that she did!  She set up talks at people’s houses, at elderly housing facilities and just about anywhere.  “I felt I wanted to get this to people who wouldn’t have found out about the Center on their own.”  As a result of the talks, we set up several classes and starting seeing many new recipients at the Center.

She didn’t stop there but immediately began putting in her 60 hours towards Certification.  “Actually, I put in 73 ½ hours.  I wanted to make sure I got it down pat” she said.

During this whole time she never got a treatment herself.  Lani explained that shehad been injured in2 separate car accidents in1987, was still feeling effects from them; her nervous system was over-stressed and her neck bothered her a great deal.  He said, “It altered my whole life.  It was difficult for the people around me.”

Lani shared that, for years, she used other therapeutic techniques and found she felt depleted, many times getting sick herself.  When she got into Bio-Magnetics many of her family members were concerned, wondering if working on so many people would make her sick.  She told them that, not only was she not getting sick, she was getting better, even without receiving treatments herself.  She says that after working at Bio-Magnetics she’s much calmer and her neck is fine.  Lani attributes it all to working on other people. “Because of working on people, I started that it’s a two-fold process. I didn’t notice anything at first, but after a while I noticed that certain aches and pains didn’t bother me anymore.”

Lani has also been sharing Bio-Magnetics with her family. Her daughter, Haroldean Martin, began coming in when she learned she was pregnant.  She made a standing appointment to come at 10:00 a.m. on Fridays.  Haroldean came in faithfully for her session all the way up until the day the baby arrived.  Haku Hau’oll Mal’kal Martin, a beautiful 7 pound 6 ounce baby boy was born at 9:52 a.m. on Friday April 7, 1995 – as if he were trying to make his regular Bio-Magnetics appointment.   Also, Haroldean is now doing Bio-Magnetic on the baby every day, and both mother and baby are doing great!

“I love working here at Bio-Magnetics.  It has always been my childhood dream to be able to help people.  It has been great for me to pass this on, because it is for everyone.”  Lani continues to help pass on Bio-Magnetics and has become an instructor.  As soon as she became a Certified Practitioner, she enrolled in the Foundation’s Instructor program.  “Being an instructor is really my cup of tea.  I didn’t come to Bio-Magnetics to get worked on, but to share it with others.”

Lani explained that she pushed through the Instructor Program because she knew it was what she wanted to do.  “I’ve studied health and wellness techniques for 3- years and of all the techniques, Bio-Magnetics is the best.  I can’t see myself doing anything else   My hands are trained for Bio-Magnetics, my hands don’t massage anymore –they just touch.”  She went on to say that “you don’t force the body to do anything, but you let the body heal on its own terms.  So many of my old clients want me to work on them har – fo’ what?”  I tell them just let the healing take its course, don’t let that hard stuff clutter hour brain – just touch!”

“For me, working to become certified and to become an instructor took some personal sacrifices, but I knew what I was doing.  I knew what I wanted, and I knew that I needed to do it.  It’s awesome!”

Anapela Lokelani Guveia


Name:  Bunni Chatham                                                     City:  Honolulu

Initial problems:  Husband Allan had 4 crushed vertebrae in lower spine.  After attending Bio-Magnetics classes I began to work on him 20 minutes daily.

How long did you experience this problem before you came to Bio-Magnetics?   He was progressively worse for 2 years.  He could barely walk.

How did you feel after 1st treatment?  He didn’t feel anything in fact he was asleep for nearly all of the treatment.

What was your prognosis before you started Bio-Magnetics?  Kaiser planned to operate and fuse four vertebrae.

Did you notice a change in your condition after receiving Bio-Magnetics?  If so, when did that occur and what was your experience?   Over a four month period of 5 weekly treatments, he began to walk upright and could sail his boat again. In five months,, the pain was relieved.  That was over a year ago and he still gets treatments once a week and maintains a youthful energetic and frisky lifestyle.

Did you participate in any other standard or alternative health care practice while doing Bio-Magnetics?    Your Spine Center, and light work, reiki and meditation and prayer.

Did those practitioners notice any change in your condition?  Yes, of course.

Other comments:  Everybody I know thinks Bio-Magnetics is wonderful!  Thank you!

Bunni Chatham

Dear Paul and all Practitioners at the Bio-Magnetics Center;

As the joy, love and harmony of Christmas permeates the atmosphere at this time, I would like to express my gratitude and best wishes for all your loving service.  I first heard of “Touch Healing” from 2 friends who had taken the course.  They looked so healthy and were so enthusiastic about it that I decided to investigate it.

About four years ago, I had a bad fall and received a compression fracture of the left lumbar.  My doctor could help me, but I never stopped praying and I never gave up hope.  I know if we accept our problems and limitations graciously, and do not resent them, there is always a blessing in disguise there.

So I called for an appointment, found the building and started up the stairs.  As I started walking down the hallway.  I began to wonder if this was really for me.  Actually, I was beginning to have some doubts, but I said, “Lord, if this is all right for me, give me a signal quick!”

As I entered the Center, the first thing I saw was a large show case of Mega Food supplements!   I said, “Thank you Lord!”  I knew Mega Food was the top of the line as I have been using these supplements for 1 ½ years.  I knew I was in the right place.

I had my treatment and noticed how healthy all the practitioners looked, but also they had a radiance, a light, a glow, about them which most people don’t have.  I decided I’d like it also.  Even at my age, I will always want to look and feel my best and I’m willing to do all I can, but I know I also needed help.

I’ve been coming for a few months now and I am certainly seeing and feeling improvement.  My pelvis and lumbar area feel much better.  I even look better and am looking forward to more benefits.

The Bio-Magnetics “Touch Healing” recalls a statement the Great Master gave long ago.  “I came that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”  As the natural tendency of life is love, peace, harmony beauty and wholeness, this also is like Bio-Magnetics.

A few weeks ago, I received this little box (it came with a letter) from a friend.  Inside was a tiny angel.  I took it out and placed it on my mantel where I could see it as I walked by.  Right away this little angel started talking to me and “bossing me around!”  She said, “Recycle this little box!  Put something small in it to show your gratitude to Bio-Magnetics!”  I said to this little angel, “What would fit into anything this small, give me a hint!”  She answered, “Put something symbolic of the whole center. “  (Mary’s gift was a beautiful gold coin.)

Thanks again to all of you and God Bless all at the Center.

Sincerely and Aloha,

Mary K. Swig, a grateful recipient

Mary K. Swig

December 29, 1981


I am a professional real estate educator, holding a bachelor’s degree in forensic (speaking, logic, debate, login, etc.) with a minor in sociology and have been Certified as a Specialist with the mentally handicapped.

For most of my adult life, I felt that the only way to treat illness and injury was through the medical procedures.  In 1974, I was diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes.  I was able to control it with diet until about 1981.  At that time my medical doctor recommended that I begin receiving daily injections of insulin.  The dosage was low, about 10 units daily.  Gradually, it had to be increased until, by late 1989, I was taking 19 units each evening and 15 units each morning.  Use of the insulin helps keep me going, but has not cured my diabetes.

I experienced a slipped disk in my lower back in the summer of 1984.  It responded very slowly to physical therapy, but has returned to normal.

I have always had significant problems with sinusitis and some years ago and was diagnosed as having chronic bronchitis.  These conditions caused me to be on daily medication.  Said medication helped alleviate the symptoms but was of no help in curing the problem.

In the fall of 1989 I was diagnosed by the medical community of having acute diabetic neuropathy from just above my knees down to and including the toes of both feet.  I had very little feeling in the knees and none at al l in my lower legs, ankles, feet and toes.  I could not go up a flight of stairs without hanging onto the railing, knowing that one or both of my knees would buckle after 3 or 4 steps.  My feet were, according to my wife, like blocks of ice.  They were a grayish color, not the pinkish tinge of normal feet.

I was told by the doctors that there was nothing to be done in the way of a cure –their only suggestion was that physical therapy might help maintain the status quo “for a while”.

I gradually became more and more depressed as I saw that the physical therapy was not helping.  I could envision a future marked by continuing deterioration of the feet and legs and eventual amputation.  The doctors’ consolation:  “Sorry – there is no known remedy.”

My wife, Hazel, had been doing more to alleviate the neuropathic problems by use of her accu-pressure massage than had the physical therapy.  Even her ministrations, however, could not halt the deterioration in my feet and legs.  In December, 1990, Hazel attended a week-end seminar in Mancos, Colorado (Southwestern Colorado) at the Bio-Magnetic Educational Foundation  Her enthusiasm about the good work being done at the Foundation led me to ask, ”When do we start getting treatments?”

On January 10, 1991, we both began receiving treatments at the Foundation 3 times a week – I for diabetes, back problems, sinusitis and bronchitis.  Hazel was treated for glaucoma, sinusitis and related problems.

About 4months into the treatments, I noticed that my knees were beginning to hurt.  Most people would fee that that was NOT progress, but when you have had no feeling in your knees for 2 years, feeling pain is an occasion for rejoicing!  Shortly after beginning to feel pain in the knees and lower legs, I became aware that my feet were getting ticklish – another occasion for grant rejoicing!

I have reduced my insulin intake about 30% -I seldom have any numbness in the lower extremities.  I have not had to take any sinus or bronchitis medication for over 6 months.

Most importantly, I came out of the sense of depression in just a few weeks after beginning treatments.  There is simply no comparison with my current attitude toward life and that attitude I had 12 months ago.

My back problems are gradually improving. I have been seeing a chiropractor as well as having bio-magnetic treatments.  (I used to believe chiropractors were charlatans because they weren’t medical doctors.)

The world of medicine is certainly very important to all of us.  I have discovered, however, that there ARE alternative healing methods that will work, even though the M.D.’s may feel there is no cure or effective treatment.

Hazel’s eye doctor has been encouraging her for several years to have surgery. Her last several tests have shown the pressure on her eyes to be gradually lessening – a recent test showed the pressure to be at almost normal levels.

Dos Bio-Magnetics work? It certainly has for Hazel and me and for many others.  Is it magic?  Is it instantaneous?  NO!  We did not become ill or incapacitated overnight, and the body cannot heal itself overnight.  Bio-Magnetics is a process of the body healing itself when triggered by the properly applied touch of another person.

If you have physical problems that the M.D.’s don’t seem to be able to cure or alleviate, you owe it to yourself to look.  The practitioners are all volunteers who seek no reward other than that of seeing the joy of good health returned to those who are ill.  This “work of love” and concern for others is, I feel, part of the reason that Bio-Magnetic treatments are so successful.


Paul M. Robinson   Durango, CO

Paul M. Robinson


“I know it’s helped me but I don’t know how to put it into words!  When Molly (7 year old daughter) starts to get a cold I just work on her and it goes away without getting any worse.”

Shari Bucky     Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

Shari Bucky

“I have had several major concussions, my back has been fractured in 3 placed and my neck has several compression fractures.  My right hand has been pierced through the center by the horn of an angry bull.  This was all before my breast cancer diagnosis…My practitioners were surprised when the swelling and pain in my knee was gone, and it was more stable.  Also my bone scan was delayed for 1 ½ months and the results came back oral.  Progress like this a year after surgery is rare.  My uncontrolled weight gain immediately reversed, probably also with the help of herbs from my sister.  My headaches are only part-time now and are consistently diminishing.  My back pain is half as bad as it was and is also diminishing.

I am able to increase my physical activities and can again do a back flip on the trampoline and in acrobatics I can lift a 215 pound man with my legs with no pain.  Without Bio-Magnetics I probably never would have been able to do this and other skills again   I’m even able to resume surfing.

Thank you Bio-Magnetics Practitioners for your understanding, compassion and generous loving ongoing help!  As I celebrate my 52ndbirthday, I will remember your great contributions to my health, life and happiness.  I’m eternally grateful.        “

Janet Shaw    Honolulu, Hawaii

Janet Shaw


“The pain (arthritis) in my ankle used to be constant – day and night.  But ever since I’ve been coming over here, the pain has died down.”

“Take” Takemoto    Punaluu, Hawaii

“Take” Takemoto


“(May 6th) Since March4th, my blood pressure has dropped by 20 points.  I’ve reduced my blood pressure medications- Labetatol from 400 mg to 200 mg and Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory I take for Lupus from 15 mg to 5 mg.  It usually takes six months to a year to reduce doses Prednisone.  The Lupus is in remission now, and it wasn’t when I began coming in.  The condition of my kidneys has improved and I feel I can handle more stress than I ever have before.”

Margaret Morgan      Honolulu, Hawaii

Margaret Morgan


I started Bio-Magnetics therapy in March, 1992 as a result of a conflict with my doctor about an operation.  She felt she needed to do because of a cyst approximately 2 cm. x 3 cm was found on my right ovary.  I have a history of endometriosis and cysts and have an operation for them previously.  I also was taking progesterone to help the PMS syndrome.  I was experiencing pain as well as uncertainty concerning my physical well-being.  I also had a shoulder reconstructed and needed a chiropractic adjustment frequently.

Since I’ve been with Bio-Magnetics I have less pain throughout my body and am no longer taking progesterone.  I am taking a PMS vitamin supplement.  I haven’t needed chiropractic adjustments and have actually felt my spine shift and my muscles resume their correct place after being stretched.  I also had muscles ache throughout my body which occur less frequently.  I feel less anxiety and frustrated just not having to deal so much with the medical profession.  I don’t know if the cyst has gone away and “may” try to get an ultrasound next March to check.  I am feeling better than I have felt for years and finally have hope of getting well.  This didn’t all happen at once for I needed to go through several ”cleansings” before coming to this point in my healing.

I like that Bio-Magnetics is noninvasive and payment is on a donation basis.  It also absolutely cannot hurt and does help facilitate wellness.



Lynne Durham

August, 1992

Before coming to Bio-Magnetics, I had been suffering from many injuries.  Those injuries I had for a long time – some up to ten years without healing.

The injuries that I had before coming to Bio-Magnetic were as follows:

1)  Damage done to lower back while doing flips off a diving board.  The injury occurred ten years ago and I suffered from pain in the lower back especially in the morning.  I had tightness in the knees, pain on the outside of knees; tightness in the buttocks. These conditions had not shown any improvement for eight years.

2)  Injury number two was a badly torn ligament on my right ankle.  It was repaired surgically five years ago.  Since the operation, I was still suffering from stiffness in ankle, bottom of foot, wouldn’t  rest fist on the ground, pain in area of injury, lack of flexibility and strength, constant respraining of ankle, numbness and lack of feeling around area of operation, and a large scar.

3)  Injury #3 was torn medial collateral ligaments in left knee which occurred seven years ago and there was still pain in area of injury, weakness in left  knee, constant restraining of the knee.

4)  Injury #4 was done in car accident.  One year I suffered from constant migraine headaches and dizziness.  It is 5 years since the accident and I was still suffering from the above including tightness in neck and shoulders with constant cracking of the neck and pulling of the neck muscles.

5)  Injury #5 was probably the worst.  I injured my lower back while moving furniture.  I pulled all the muscles from my lower buttocks up to my mid back, –from my spine all the way to my side. I suffered severe back pains, muscle spasms, constant pulling of the back muscles and a bent over posture.  I could not arch back without causing pain and could not lift anything.

6)  Injury #6 was damage to left shoulder muscles and upper back while colliding into a car door on my bike with my shoulder while going 30 mph.   This was 5 months ago.  Complaints included pain in left shoulder and upper back, weakness in arm and could not raise the arm above head while exerting force.

These were the injuries and complaints that I had been suffering form before seeking Bio-Magnetics treatments.  I have been coming to Bio-Magnetics International two times a weekly for 31/2 months now.  I cannot believe the changes that have occurred in this short time.

The right ankle that had the surgery on it now has feeling in the areas surrounding the place of the operation.  The scar itself has drastically faded quite a bit.

I now have an increase in flexibility, strength and reduction in discomfort in the area.  My ankle is much stronger now and it rarely does get reinjured.

The left knee with the torn ligaments is much stronger now.  The pain is drastically reduced to almost non-existent.

Since seeking treatment, my posture has improved drastically.  I am no longer hunched over like I was before but now I am standing much taller.  I can now arch my back greatly without discomfort.  This I could not do before. My back is a lot stronger now and I rarely pull the muscles in my back any more. The flexibility in my back has increased greatly in all areas of my back, especially the lower back.  The pain in my back has been reduced dramatically.

Before coming to Bio-Magnetics I was physically drained by all the pain and discomfort in my back.  I am now no longer drained by the pain.  I am feeling much happier as a result.  Now I am able to do much more physical work, without causing injury to my back.

In the area of my neck and upper back and shoulders I have noticed a remarkable looseness and increased flexibility in the shoulders and neck muscles.  The muscles in my shoulders used to be tight causing pain.  Now the muscles are much looser.  The shoulder injury is totally healed.

What is interesting to note is that many of the injuries that I had, had not improved or gotten better since the time of the injury.  In some cases the conditions of the injury had not improved in 10 years.  All of these injuries have shown considerable levels of healing in only 4 months and many have almost totally healed since I started seeking treatments in Bio-Magnetics.  Also a note is that I have not utilized any other standard or alternative techniques except two chiropractic treatments last month.

This is my story!

John Munno, Hawaii

John Munno

I have several neighbors and family members who I think would benefit from Bio-Touch. I am anxious to work on them.

Nancy Bevens

The class exposed me to energy work for the first time.  I have wanted to add some energy modality to my practice and I think Bio-Touch will work well for many of my clients.

Fred Sandlin, MT

I really enjoyed the class and have already appreciated the connection that it created when I practiced on my 16 year old son and my husband (just after the first day of the class).  It was really special to share those moments with my son as they seem rae now that he is a teenager.

I look forward to being able to connect with him and my family as well as to help others with their well being.

The class was very easy and I feel with the hands-on learning I will be able to retain the information.  The instructors were great.  I learned a lot and can’t wait to use it on people in my life.

Thanks you!

Tresta Anderson

I cam to this class because I want to help my family, especially my mother Esmerita, and I want to help my community.

My personal experience in the class is very nice, starting with staff, that gives this training.  They are patient and very good, spend hours in class you’re connecting more and more with Bio-Touch and the person.

I am happy and proud of myself to learn this technique and doing Bio-Touch gently as a butterfly is just touch.  I will begin to use this technique in my family and then with people in my community.  I will make a difference doing with my hands natural healing ability for humanity.

Thanks for everything.

Maria Tomaine

I am excited to start using my Bio-touch experience on my family, and especially volunteering at the Center.

What a wonderful experience, lovely people and so helpful.

Genevieve Attarian


March 2016

One of my first client’s was a 38 year old mother of twin boys (4 years old) suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. She had been battling this disease since she was 18 years old and was fortunate in the sense that it had not relegated her to a wheel chair yet. She is extremely active and her twin boys are a handful! However having tried many alternative healing methods which caused her to have severe physical spasms she was very sure that’s what would happen to her through Bio-Touch too.

When we started work she was on anti-depressants and steroids. Severe fatigue, depression. Anxiety and pain down her back were the symptoms. She also had absolute numbness in one thumb. My first aim was to give her the confidence that there would be no side effect to our Bio-Touch sessions and she would not suffer any kind of spasm. As each session went by, the physical pain eased, even tingling sensation returned to her thumb. After 3 full body sessions, the fatigued state was not improving. So I decided to follow the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome procedure from the TriOm book that I have (specific points, in specific order at the exact same time for 7 consecutive days). By day 3 the fatigue had reduced and by day 7 it was all gone never to return… to this day! As we went back to the usual full body procedure, her antidepressants and steroids were tapered off two weeks before the scheduled date. In all we did a whole month of Bio-Touch starting with daily sessions and tapering it off gradually. She hasn’t had MS symptoms or spasms for a year and a half now.

These were the physical effects. But on a subconscious level Bio-Touch eliminated her fear of side-effects and spasms. This led her to try hypnotherapy and chakra healing to resolve her anger issues, ease her marriage trouble and rebuild her family relationships. She has also learnt hypnotherapy now and is a practitioner helping other people deal with their emotional baggage.


IT HAS TO DO WITH HEALING:  Consequentially, improving my mental attitude.  It happened to many people in this regard and I want to relate the story exactly as it happened without any imagination without any recourse to embellishment or any of that sort of thing   I’ll do my best to be straight and honest.

To begin with, I’m a blind man.  In our family we have a blindness that is hereditary.  It is called retinitis pigmentose –better knows a “RP”.  Half the men go blind every other generation.  The female carries the recessive gene for this blindness.  They give it to their sons, but they don’t get it themselves.  They pass it on to their daughters in the forms of a recessive gene.  Needless to say, I’ve been blind—totally blind about five or six years.  It’s been a slow thing and steadily.  In this generation, there are eight of us with this blindness.  The next generation I know of two, but they are very young yet, and probably don’t know that they have it.  At any rate, I am a blind man, and I also have leukemia, CLL.  That means the least oppressive type of leukemia.  There are three.  I’ve been told I had about eleven years to live.  A lot of that has to do with a person’s condition, etc., and their mental attitude.

I used to have a fishing buddy who’d take me fishing, and we got along famously.  Some time went by and I talked to him one day and he sounded like I wouldn’t be seeing him anymore.  He had brittle diabetes.  He was a brittle diabetic, I should say, and was in very bad shape.  It was only a few months after that (perhaps six months).  It was at a funeral that I saw him and I heard him speaking to me, and he sounded just like he did when we went fishing.  He sounded like his old self, just like he did when we went fishing.  I asked him, “What in the world has happened to you?  You sound wonderful.”  He told me he would call and tell me about it, which in the course of time, he did.  He said he found out about a process akin to laying of hands, but a little more detailed than that by a long shot.  This was called “bio-magnetics”.  He took me out to the foundation.  It’s a new process A matter of a few years back, it was brought to light, and is now a really going concern.  I’m sorry, but I’m very much of a skeptic on anything.  I’m a skeptic on ways to make money and ways for someone to take it away from you.  In spite of this, I am not the type of person to be blunt or rude, and if they had done this for my friend, then perhaps there was something to it. So I acquiesced to being treated.  First thing I noticed it made me feel a little strange.  After the treatment, they were very nice and warm. They said there was no charge.  They were all volunteers and their main concern was to help people and see them get better.  I wondered in my mind if they saw many people getting better.  Of course, I had to admit there was my friend.  So we left.  I experienced some unnatural but rather gratifying results.  They told me that discomfort here and there that wouldn’t amount to anything and would go away soon.  I had had a hard blow on the kidneys many year ago which lasted for a month or so; but suddenly that afternoon I recognized the pain I had had in my kidney those many years ago. It hurt, but only for a minute or so, but the pain was recognized as exactly the pain I had had before.  Still being skeptical, I laid it to my imagination or coincidence.  But it was enough to tickle my interest, and I went again.  I continued to go.  The practitioners were alwys so kind and concerned.   They said there was no charge, but I felt so inclined, to put a donation in the pot.  That proved to me there was certainly no cam involved.  I kept going week after week and kept feeling better.  My white blood count had been as high as 196,000.  It should be 10,000.  At that time I had felt like I was going to die, but the doctor put me on a mild chemotherapy, which brought it down, and that wa before I was going to Bio-Magnetics  The usual thing in that it continued to go up steadily It did – a little, and then it come down to 39,000.  It went back and forth, and made me wonder.   My doctor said, “Well, that’s just a peculiarity with you.”  I accepted that.

Then they were working on my eyes and never giving up.  For a blind man t see again is virtually unheard of, except under the hand of the Almighty.  Well, they never gave up, and I kept feeling better.  Every time I would have a treatment, I would feel wonderful, sometimes, two or three days after.  It went down to twice a week, and I still felt good.  My leukemia just didn’t bother me at all, even though sometimes it would go up fairly high and then down again.  Then I began to think, goodness, I could see the light by the window—a glow of light, and I got quite excited.  I was convinced they w3re doing things for me.  To see after all that darkness!  I would have a problem with claustrophobia and sometimes would feel I was going crazy.  That light was just so exciting –astounding.  As time went on, it continued to get a little better.  I couldn’t really identify anything, for I really couldn’t see anything.  When I went outside, everything was dark grey and inside everything was black.  But, as time went on, I could see that I was outside. I could see a lighter grey.  Then things began to appear, and I thought it was just my imagination.  It’s hard to tell when you are beginning to see something.  It’s hard to describe it.  It’s like a collage –seen through a thick fog.  There would be an odd little pattern, but then one morning a few months ago, I went into the bathroom and turned on the light as I always do, and looked in the mirror.  And there I saw the ugliest old man I had ever seen!  His eyes were dark sockets; he had white-white hair over him.   It ook me up for I realized it was me, that I was actually seeing.  I couldn’t believe it.  I wasn’t impressed with what I was looking at, but what excitement.  I looked harder and harder and it faded away And I thought, “Did I really see that?”  Yes, I knew I had.  I came to Bio-Magnetics all excited and told them about it, and it was though they were seeing; they were so excited for me.

The last big thing that happened to me was one day when we were riding home from Mancos.  I thought I saw a light in the corner of my eye.  I looked over to the right, and there was the most beautiful sight I had seen—after my wife.  Looking over there I saw those two great mountains.  I had no idea those mountains were so high.  We were coming down into Chery Creek.  In the sy were flimsy clouds The sun had gone down behind one of the mountains, and it was shining on those clouds.  Such a beautiful sunset.  I was astounded.  I told them what I was seeing.  I described it, and they said that was right.  I could see what I thought were trees on one mountain and followed it up as high as it would go, but by then it was only a matter of a minute or so and it started fading out.  But I had seen!  That scene has been seared into my mind.  I take it out periodically to see it, it was beautiful!  Since then, things kept getting a little plainer.  I would ee things like the edge of a door.  Thinking it was further away than it was, I usually bumped into it.  My head is covered with bumps.  That was such a thrill and now I can look outside.

Prior to seeing that sunset, I had looked out the back window and looked to where a certain tree was. I could see that tree.  I used to look at it to see how much sight I was losing –that is before everything had gone black.  It slowly over the days disappeared.  I looked out there and there was that tree.  I could see it and could almost follow it to the top.  This had to be in the morning before the sun was up.  I looked towards the northeast where the tree was.  I could even see spaced between the branches.  It was a ponderosa pine tree.  Then after seeing the sunset I started looking out there again; and I can see the top of that tree.  It’s all very fuzzy.  Anything I see is fuzzy, except that sunset and my face in the mirror.  The tree will stay for a while and then it slowly disappears.

The same thing has been happening to me with my leukemia.  My white count would slowly climb up, and I am now on chemotherapy again.  It’s so mild that it hasn’t really bothered me.  The white count is coming down now.  What I am writing this for, is the miracle of Bio-Magnetics, in my mind, I think it’s the laying on of hands –the original way and the proper way.  Christ did such healings and told us we would do greater than this.  I keep thinking, “Is this possible what He meant? It is possibly going to heal millions of people, that people can minister one to another with the same candor and unselfishness?”  It could be—it very easily could be.

Curtis E. Thornton-Trump

Age 74


Curtis E. Thornton-Trump

July, 1992

To Whom It Might Concern:

I started going to the Bio-Magnetic in the fall of 1989.  My reason for going was because my feet hurt me so badly I could hardly walk.  I had bought about every kind of shoe I could, to try and stop the hurting.  Nothing helped.

I went to the Bio-Magnetics at the Cochran house twice a week for at least a month and then once a week for over a year.  While I was being worked on from the top of my head, back, my stomach and my rotten attitude.  Before long I could feel my back begin to straighten and my feet didn’t hurt as badly as they did.

I had had my neck x-rayed in Bayfield by Dr. McClure in 1998 and it was completely full of arthritis.  I was having it worked on once a month in 1988.  Then after Bio-Magnetics I stopped going to Bayfield.  In1991 I went back to Bayfield and had an x-ray taken by Dr. Turek of Dolores and compared the two x-rays.  In 1991 I had no arthritis at all in the back of my neck.  I can turn my head around without turning my body.

Before Bio-Magnetics, with my poor old feet, when I got up out of bed anytime I would have to get a hold of the foot of the bed and chair to get myself up on my feet and I am off and going.  I am a little stiff in my heels but at my age you can’t expect to be like new.

I have had the CFS treatment that did wonders for me as I have a lot of heavy work I have to do The biggest thing that hurts my feet is heavy lifting, which I hope I can avoid before long.

I also had eye surgery on both eyes for cataracts.  One eye in October and one in November.  I had a treatment every day for my eyes.  The Eye Doctor could hardly believe how fast my eyes healed up and how well I did.

Bio-Magnetics has certainly done wonders for me; even my rotten attitude has changed to a lot happier person.  Love you C.P.s.



Mary Coopinger
Mancos, CO


Mary Coopinger

I, Vivian Isaacson, have a story to share in regards to my experience of healing to the Bio-Magnetic healing technique.

It was one year ago that I fainted in my office at Denver, Colorado.  Upon arrival of the paramedics, I was conscious, but under protest, was transported to the hospital and put in the intensive care unit.

Within 24 hours of a pacemaker being placed, it punctured my heart.  I was immediately taken to surgery.  On the table they say the arteries were so clogged they were like an eggshell that could break at any time..  The main aorta was also so clogged they had trouble getting blood to the brain during the operation.  When I came out of the operation, I was put on oxygen, feeding tubes and all the other life sustaining equipment with no idea how I could fare.

By this time my son arrived and began immediately performing the Bio-Magnetic Healing.  As I understand it, he worked on me three times a day, around all around the machines and with complete approval of the Doctors and Nurses.  I do not remember the three weeks that he was there.

Here are some details during those weeks as I was told; I took no pain medication; I came in and out of awareness and was able to respond properly to questions; I took very minimal antibiotics and diuretics; I was on little blood pressure medication, for as the blood pressure would drop immediate results of a rise in blood pressure could be observed after a Bio-Magnetic treatment. Overall there was a peacefulness observed in me by all attending doctors and nurses –many nurses said most patients in my situation would be on more drugs.  Also doing well as my urine discharge and non-retention of fluids.  Also to note is that I was a heavy smoker for 35 years My lungs during this 3 weeks did have some problems clearing up but again after a Bio-Magnetic treatment any problems seemed to cease.  Movement of my body was minimal, none of right side, little left leg and poor mouth.  My speech and awareness were also poor.

At the end of three weeks, I was released from ICU with this prognosis:  Brain scans showed complete brain damage with stroke in the left rear of brain.  Progress of rehabilitation was not favorable.  At this time, the insurance company was already trying to relinquish payments based on Medicare standards of “leveling out”.  At this time, my daughter-in-law was now beginning to work on me with the Bio-Magnetic healing.  I was placed in the cardiac unit of the hospital.  Progress was very slow, but appeared constant (accept to the insurance company).  Day by day a few more abilities would unfold.  Now I was moved to the rehabilitation hospital.

Only with much pushing on the part of my son and daughter-in-law did the hospital working with me.  All the time Bio-Magnetics was still being done and progress was still observed.  Finally the system said I “leveled out” and must go to a nursing home.  Once again the process started over to encourage all the therapists to work with me and continue to have the insurance company pay for treatments.

Progress was still happening and though the staff said “clinically” I couldn’t get much better, they all had a “feeling” that I could get better.  The staff at the home really started to notice progress and felt the Bio-Magnetics was helping—but again standards showed I had “leveled out” and must now return home.

The prognosis from the doctor was that all my vital signs were great including full lunch capacity and clarity, normal blood pressure and strong heart.  But he did say I would always drag my feet, never open my hand and I should just accept that and my mental weakness.  He recommended continual use of both lasix and digitalis.

Upon going home, with all the “needed” equipment, I decided not to take any of the medications and only continue taking vitamins,Q-10 and continue the Bio-Magnetic treatments and some physical therapy.

Now I was given some home rehabilitation as I prepared to move to Hawaii where my son daughter-in-law lived and had the Bio-Magnetic Center.

My bladder control was a bit better by now, walking was for a least once around the house with someone holding me and my awareness and memory were a quite bit improved.

So, what can I say?  The story is long; the emotional changes have been uncountable, especially for a 70 year old widow.  But one year later I am just getting ready to move into a semi-independent living situation.  I speak fine and can hold an intelligent conversation on any topic.  I have normal recall of current events and have regained my reason and emotional facilities.  I do have slight trouble concentrating on detailed jobs, but I think too that will improve with practice.  I can now walk without any aids and for blocks without a rest.   In fact, I am even able to walk on the beach!  I can also joyously spend an afternoon in the mall.  I can eat by myself and shower myself.  I can even open and close my right hand, but still do not have complete coordination to use it fully.  My blood pressure for the past three months has been 120/78.  In a recent physical my blood count and cholesterol were at normal levels, my heart rhythm is around 80 and my lungs are clear and strong.  The EKG also shows no heart damage.

I was amazed and feel honored to have come this far in so short a time.  I feel like I’d enjoy getting better quicker, but when I look at those who had minor strokes five years ago and remember my prognosis, I must be joyous.

I must honor and endorse the Bio-Magnetic Healing for this opportunity I have now.  Can I say it was Bio-Magnetics?  Of course not! May it was willpower or grace.  But hen I see how others are doing with the sae prognosis and when I just am still with myself, I KNOW beyond a doubt that the Bio-Magnetic Healing was instrumental in my healing.  Now the rest is up to me.

My sympathy goes to all who may be in a situation like my own.  I can only encourage you to try this very simple and comforting technique.  You have nothing to lose and only a life with dignity to gain.

October 1992.

Signed:  Vivian Isaacson

Vivian Isaacson


January 28, 1996

In January of 1995, I had a cast boot removed after eight weeks –as a result of a combination of arthritis, gout and the after-effects of a broken ankle.  My feet, ankles and knees were badly swollen.  I had difficulty walking without a cane and there were times when I didn’t know which leg to limp on.  As a result of this constant pain, I was not moving beyond the basic necessities of work and “living”, certainly not getting even gentle exercise.

In June, my doctor recommended that I see a podiatrist.  Also in June, a friend told me about Bio-Magnetics.  So I “did both”.  On the same day.  In the morning, the podiatrist increased the dosage and changed the medication for the arthritis, evaluated the need for a new cane, and discussed the probability of braces. .and/or surgery.  And, see him in eight weeks for a follow-up visit.  I was horrified..terrified.

In the afternoon I received my first Bio-Magnetics treatment.  I didn’t know what to think.  It was so gentle it almost didn’t feel like anything.  It certainly didn’t cause any problems for my badly swollen feet and knees.  I made some more appointments, finally settling on a schedule of three treatments a week.

By the time the follow-up appointment with the podiatrist arrived in August, I was not using the cane inside and decreasing its use outside.  I had also discontinued the use of the anti-inflammatory medication because I didn’t need it any more.  When I was seen by the podiatrist, his astonishment was incredible.  He evaluated the condition of my considerably less swollen ankles and knees and said, “It’s a miracle..continue what you’re doing.”  After discussing the program I was following and natural healing in general, he was willing to write a prescription for further Bio-Magnetic treatments.

After receiving almost eight months of Bio-Magnetic treatments, there continues to be improvements in my overall health.  Because I am not in constant pain, I am moving more and moving better.  I no longer limp –or wonder which leg to limp on – and have a much stronger walk.  I certainly feel more in control of my overall health and well-being.

I feel like I have my life back, thanks to Bio-Magnetics.

Jan Lockett

April 25, 1996


To the Staff at the Tucson Center:

I started receiving Bio-Magnetics ministrations in June, 1995 at the time I took the Introductory Class, and have continued to receive them once for twice or twice a week.  The other day I was mentally reviewing the sets of points that have been worked on me during the treatments and I was surprised that I have had a response from each set of points!

I have better memory retention and recall; I have lost many inches around my waist and abdomen; my digestive system is working better; my neck and shoulders are so much more relaxed that I hold my chiropractic treatments much longer; my night vision has improved to the point that I feel confident to drive to evening events which I did not do the past few years; my lower back seldom bothers me anymore; I have atrial fibrillation and that seldom bothers me now.  Perhaps best of all, I am more at peace emotionally after a tremendous emotional clearing which spontaneously occurred.  When I realized that all of these responses have taken place in one year I could only say, “It’s amazing!!”

Thanks to the staff at the Tucson Center for all of your help, encouragement and support.


Dorothy Summers

Tucson, AZ

Age 70

Dorothy Summers

In November of 1994 I started coming to Bio-Magnetics, mostly for hypertension and found that my blood pressure would go down dramatically.  The more times I came the longer my blood pressure would stay down. About December 1994 I became involved in other thing and stopped coming.  In March of 1995 I started back with my appointments, because I had been diagnosed as diabetic.  Since then, I’ve taken the Certification Class and have (done) my hours as of May 13.  The side effects of the class and working with recipients are that I’ve stopped my blood pressure medications and never started my diabetes medication.  My sugar is under control and even though my blood pressure is a little high, I feel much better with no medications.  The last side effect is the most amazing to me.  I had discoloration on my calves that has lightened and gone away in places.  Bio-Magnetics has been healing for me as well as surprising.

Bear, Tucson


On April 20,1995 at 9:30 a.m. I had oral surgery.  After my surgery, I went to Bio-Magnetics at 12:10 and immediately after the procedure walked out feeling great.  I had another treatment that evening and still had no pain or discomfort, Another treatment was done in the morning of the next day.  This is great because I have a tremendous fear of dental work and the experience always bring about trauma and pain.  However, with Bio-Magnetics I had none of these experiences.

Warren Humphrey, Tucson 

Warren Humphrey

“Today as I fill the 8th worksheet of this course, just being a part of the foundation makes me smile and fills me with hope. I like knowing I am supported in my journey and that the work I do in turn adds to a larger mission. Also, the dream of setting up a donation based Bio-Touch center here came into being only when I connected with Paul and the foundation.”
Chetna – India 2016

Chetna Chakravarthy


Blessings & love to Bio-Magnetics.

This special sheet with all the blessings and love is my contribution by sharing, caring, understanding and balance.  We are surrounded by the Circle of White Light to healing of every nature.  Men are upon this planet to serve, to render a great service to assist others –in my opinion through Bio-Magnetics. The Laws of Love & the Laws of Life are one with the Universe.  I am one with the Universe.  Much blessing from me to you.

-Violet Dell Sung, Honolulu1995


Violet Dell Sung

I am a Substance Abuse Counselor/Program Director at a methadone clinic.  So, not only do I have all my clients, I also  have to trouble shoot the whole clinic.  Today was one of those days that the natives were restless and wild to put it mildly.  Each time I’d I’d come close to “going off” it would dawn on me, “I sure am glad I’m going to get My Touch Today!!!”  The thought alone would soothe me through the moment.  Thanks Bio-Magnetics!!!

-Barry Austin, Honolulu 1995

Barry Austin

Coming here makes you want to be friends with the whole world!

-Frank Amarino, Honolulu 1995

Frank Amarino

I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years.

I had my first Bio-Magnetics treatment on March 8 and on April 20 I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant!

-Rica Gaffney, Honolulu 1995

Rica Gaffney

When I received my IONS Bulletin and read that the Institute was interested in hearing from members on exploring service, I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell of my experiences with the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics.  IFBM is a nonprofit, tax-exempt educational foundation that teaches and ministers sessions in Bio-Magnetic-Touch Healing.  What interested me in the technique was that it helped to activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, that it was simple, and the sessions were free.  I decided to give it a try.

When I first came into the Honolulu Center I had chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I was overweight and I basically felt pretty sorry for myself.  In the sessions the practitioners used the first two fingers of each hand and touched different points on my body.  They touched me so lightly; it was like a butterfly landing on my skin.  After several sessions my pain decreased.  I could start and stick with an exercise program, and I generally felt much better about myself.

I decide to take the introductory class in Bio-MagneticTouch Healing, and in that one weekend I learned the entire technique.  I continued through the certification program and once I was certified I became a volunteer at the Center.  At first I thought that being of service involved giving up my time; that it was a bit of a sacrifice.  But a soon as I started, the idea that service is a sacrifice went out the door.  I was having a great time!  I had the opportunity to share this technique with people from all walks of life who had amazing stories to tell.

I saw healing take place on a physical level –for example, people who had been in pain for years found relief and people who hadn’t slept well soon slept soundly through the night.  One woman who couldn’t sit down for more than five minutes because of terrible back pain can no sit at a computer for eight years.

Some people have gone through incredible emotional changes.  One man in particular was so shy and withdrawn when he first came in that I felt uncomfortable being around him.  But he got worked on and slowly came out of his shell enough to warn to learn the technique and also volunteer at the Center. Now he goes dancing almost every night!  It is an incredibly moving experience to see how lives are changed simply by touching.  Being of service has contributed to my healing in ways that are still unfolding.  At this point, I don’t know where this will take me, but by choosing to give of myself to others, I reap rewards that are simply a marvel to behold.


Rachel Funk 1990

Rachel Funk

I’ve always been a procrastinator, but recently I’ve reached an awareness that by procrastinating I delayed discovering something that has set a fire under me—Bio Magnetics.  Hmm, about ten months ago, (Sept. 1995) I met this wooly-bully man folks called “Bear” at Awakenings Bookstore.  I had mentioned to him about being on a search for a way to help people and to feel my life had purpose.  Bear talked about Bio-Magnetics and told me about the Center.  He spoke of the treatments with such enthusiasm I thought “Uh-huh!”

So I thirsted along-then about a month later I met Jim Travis, who gave me a wonderful combination treatment of an herbal bath, massage and Bio-Magnetics  Jim recommended for me to go to the center for Bio-Magnetic treatments because of my bad back (result of three car accidents)  Hmmm!!   Now could there be something to this – there was that suggestion again –check out Bio-Magnetics.

Now remember I said I was a procrastinator –I made numerous appointments and canceled them.  I signed up for class not once, not twice, but three times before I actually made it to my first class.  Then for two days I sat through class thinking, “There’s got to be something to this,” but I sure could not figure it out.  Being from Missouri, “The Show Me State” I decided I had better sign up for the Certified Practitioner  Class- still trying to figure out what it was really all about.

In the meantime, I began getting treatments at the center.  First for tendonitis in my right wrist and hand, which was a result of a wrist fractured in two places over two years ago.  At that time I was on 1500 milligrams of anti-inflammatories a day and wearing a wrist brace.  Within a short period of time, I was off the meds and no longer wearing a brace.  And then something started happening.  I had suffered irregular periods since I started menstruating; I had been operated on twice for ovarian cysts had severe ovarian cysts; had severe endometriosis and major PMS. Keep in mind I started treatments in February and now in July for the past six months, I have experienced cycles of 28 to 29 days, little cramping, cysts breaking up and PMS for 1 or 2 days per month, rather than 2 to 3 weeks a month.  I feel for the first time in my life at peace with my body. 

In class, Paul kept throwing around the phrase “self-awareness”.  That phrase made me feel really uncomfortable and yet it was always where I was at.  The odd thing was that I kept going to classes – “just to observe.”  I was also getting really ticked off that things in my life and with my body were changing.  It was not only the physical changes  which bugged me, which soon came to include back pain disappearing; experiencing only one asthmatic attack all spring, better posture, the beginning of weight loss (21 lbs now), but also emotional changes as well.  There was letting go of my fear of being touched which resulted in an actual healing from being abused as a child and this gave birth to trust and starting to be able to accept and give love. 

I still held on to procrastinating by not starting my certification hands-on hours by staying away from the Center.  Ironically, I live and work in walking distance from the Center.  I finished the certification class with very few hours of hands-on experience, and then I began hearing rumors of how working on folks made you even feel better.  So, of course I just had to check this out.  Amazingly, my journey led me to another level of self-awareness—my self-confidence was beginning to surface.

Remember when I said ten months ago I had first heard of Bio-Magnetics?  Well, a of June 26, 1996, I became a Certified Practitioner.  Last Saturday, I agreed to work as Outreach Coordinator with John.  I’m also starting the Instructor Program, doing treatments out of my home, teaching Bio-Magnetics to Jessica, my 8 year old daughter and doing treatments on her.  (She’s also practicing on me.)  And I’m spreading an awareness of Bio-Magnetics on a daily basis, hourly even, whenever and wherever I can.

So Cheryl, I finally have put my experience into writing – a reformed procrastinator?  Well,  all I know is I love doing Bio-Magnetics and experiencing people discovering Just Touch—and now, I have work to do and I love doing it.


Glo Theirjung

July 12, 1996

Tucson, Arizona

Glo Theirjung

Aloha, Paul!
I got my manual & DVD today! Very fast service! Thank you!
I’m impressed with your presentation of the Bio-Touch material…very easy & simple instructions to follow! Nice job, Paul!
I plan on sharing this with my friends and helping them learn it so they can touch me, too! I already learned it back in 1990 thru a woman I met in Sedona, but lost my manual in one of my many moves to different states. I’m so thrilled to reconnect thru you!
From my heart to yours @ Bio-Touch,
Lavendar Rose

Lavendar Rose

Arizona Daily Star
by Christine Wald-Hopkins
February 6, 2016

Bio-Touch: Healing with the Power in our Fingertips by Debra Schildhouse (SelectBooks, Inc., $16.99)

In this book, Tucsonan Debra Schildhouse describes how she went from a big-haired blond with a fondness for cosmetics to a Bio-Touch healer, a follower of one-time-hippie, Paul Bucky, who promotes “Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing”— the practice of relieving pain through light, finger-tip touch. Schildhouse relates Bucky’s story, from a 1970s commune leader to a 21st century alternative medical practitioner, and weaves in her own. After a series of epiphanies, Bucky determined that love and light physical contact could be curative, and he established a healing and teaching practice. In her own story, Schildhouse sought spiritual solace through such practices as astral projection and previous-life regression, but she discovered Bio-Touch after her daughter incurred debilitating pain. She took Bucky’s course to become a certified practitioner, and now writes for the organization. The book includes anecdotes of patient success and a foreword by UA Heath Sciences Professor Gary E. Schwartz, supporting the efficacy of energy healing.


Arizona Daily Star

I am so glad I signed up for this class.  I feel like I learned a lot in the 2 days we met.  I am confident in starting using Bio-Touch right away on my family and friends.  I am excited at the idea of enhancing their health and well being.

Thank you Paul, Debra and Bev!

Florence Kelly

My experience with this class is very pleasant and I got to learn more than the last time I was here.  I can use Bio-Touch with anybody that has pain so I can help them to ease it.  So they can learn it as well and teach it to someone they know.

My wrist was hurting a lot and after doing some techniques on me (during class) my wrist feels better so I can say this definitely works.

Lizette Duarte

I came to this class because my neighbor gave treatments, which her landlord said helped him. I hope to be able to give my husband treatments for his PHN for 24+ years (PHN is Postherpetic Neuralgia which is pain that persists after the shingles scales heal) and to help my daughter who has experienced gastro-abnormalities since her hysterectomy and bilateral mastectomy 2 1/2 years ago.

Ann Ferganchick

This Bio-Touch class was super easy to learn, and even more amazing to receive.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and am happy to have another tool in my toolbox to serve, help and bring relief to different populations of people with different conditions.

“Touch comes before sight, before speech.  It is the first language and the last, and it always tell the truth.”  Margaret Atwood

Erin Jorgenson

Through my six year affiliation with Bio-Touch and the many hours I spent interviewing Paul Bucky and others for my book on Bio-Touch, I came to appreciate the many ways in which Bio-Touch is different from other healing touch techniques. This is a good topic, I think, for an upcoming blog. Tonight, though, I would like to share one aspect of Bio-Touch, as practiced at the Bio-Touch Center in Tucson, which sets Bio-Touch apart. I was reminded of this when I read the quote below, which is from “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood.

In one of my many interviews with Paul, he shared his philosophy on why the Bio-Touch organization does not charge for healing sessions at the Center. Here is what he said:

“There is one truth that resides within each of us. It is our birthright. No one can charge us to obtain that truth—it’s already ours. Bio-Touch is like truth. Our capacity to heal is within each of us. We have a birthright to be happy and healthy. So, how can we charge for that?”

This is a beautiful statement, and a reflection of the love that underlies Bio-Touch. And, it is reminiscent of Ms. Atwood’s words, “Touch…always tells the truth.” Yes, Bio-Touch is truth, and through that truth, all of us have the right to be healthy, happy and loved.

Debra Schildhouse

Bio-Touch is Truth

I loved the book for it’s simplicity, honesty and heartfelt sharing of the life stories of the author and the founder of Bio-Touch Paul Bucky. It is amazing destiny that I chanced upon this book and the website Though there were wonderful testimonials on the website about the affects and results of Bio-Touch, I was curious to know more about Bio-Touch, the people behind it and their intentions before I tried it. I am grateful that this book helped to wholeheartedly embrace Bio-Touch. The book shares the wisdom of Paul Bucky but I also found the book humorous as Debra is trying to understand the life of Paul Bucky that is so different from her own. I wish that this beautiful story of Bio- Touch reaches far and wide for the benefit of all.

Achuta Nadapana from Bangalore, India

I WAS FIRST INTRODUCED TO BIO-TOUCH IN 1992-93 IN LOS ANGELES AT A GATHERING AT MY UNCLES HOUSE FOR COUSIN PAUL’S NEW HEALING MODALITY…FROM THE VERY FIRST I WAS TAKEN BY THE SIMPLICITY AND EFFECTIVENESS OF BIO-MAGNETIC TOUCH HEALING, OR JUST TOUCH AS IT WAS CALLED THEN…NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED , JUST TWO FINGERS OF EACH HAND AND A KNOWLEDGE OF THE POINTS…I WAS BLESSED TO GO TO HAWAII THE HEADQUARTERS IN 1996 TO BECOME A CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER….OVER SEVERAL WEEKS OF INTENSIVE TRAINING, AND HANDS ON EXPERIENCE AT THE CENTER….IT WAS AMAZING TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE EMBRACED THE PRACTICE AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF JUST TOUCH….EVERYONE HAS AN INHERENT RIGHT TO BE HEALTHY….GIVE WHAT YOU CAN…THE REFRIGERATOR WAS ALWAYS FULL…there was a special feeling of acceptance at the center, no one was ever turned away….and many became Practitioners….I’ve used Just Touch…Bio-Touch all these many years in unconventional places wherever needed….at the hospital where I worked…in a chair, on a bench, standing up….my only promise was I cant promise you anything, but you will relax….I was never wrong…and many times while talking afterward the recipient would say…wow “that” doesn’t hurt anymore….that’s how Just Touch affects many….all of a sudden they realize …IT WORKS…many times I was not told it worked for a long while afterward as people just couldn’t believe the results… Everyone needs to be educated about Bio-Touch/JustTouch just as we are taught CPR…such a simple non evasive way to help others and teach them to help others…..children are great with it….helping Mom and Dad with a ,headache….”Just Touch…the one-one, the two-two and the three- three…” it’s empowering for all who give and receive…the classes for learning the modality are TRUELY wonderful as they bring people together from all walks of life who are of the same mind set that they want to help others….family, friends, strangers all may be helped with Just Touch….it’s all inclusive.   You don’t have to become a certified practitioner, however for me, Becoming a certified practitioner has empowered me and given me the tools to help without having to carry a briefcase or special equipment….especially when traveling…from New Orleans to the West Coast….it’s always with me and ready to be shared as needed….that’s why I wanted to help support Bio-Touch, and can’t wait for my books to arrive…EVE COLLINS, CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER…can it be 23 years.

Eve Collins
I first heard about Bio touch in high school when a few practitioners volunteered there time there. After hearing others respond positively about their headache relief specifically, I finally tried it myself. I felt better immediately and was impressed with how comfortable it was given that “strangers” would be “touching” me. After a few days they offered a training class again for free but being as shy as I was at the time I didn’t take advantage of it. I’m happy to have found a source to learn bio touch after all this time and look forward to becoming a practitioner myself. As for the few I’ve come to know, they are all awesome people.
Mike S

Bio-Touch was an integral part of pain management years ago prior to my hip replacement and helped with the recovery process as well. I haven’t been as involved recently but I am a strong believer in what they offer and want the good healing to continue for years to come.

Laticia Ramos

I love to support Bio-Touch cause is a Kind, loving, soft, unique and transforming technique that enlightens peoples lives since alleviating symptoms and illnesses. Enhances most of all SELF AWARENESS. It improves in all ways anybody´s Body, Mind and Spirit.

Elizabeth Romo, Mexico

Since the very first day Bio touch gave me love and accepted me just the way I was at that time. It made my dream come true to find a place where people would be loving and sharing true and sincere hearts helping each others; and started changing my mind body and spirit into a much better quality of life.. It has helped me to see and find love in every person and to be more accepting to anybody. For me, Bio touch is a gift from God. (Aquascaliente, Mexico)

Elizabeth (Esby) Romo

In the past, I have received sessions and have always loved Bio-Touch.  Now, as a massage therapist, I am taking the trainings to incorporate in my life and healing practices.

I am thrilled to have Bio-Touch be part of my life and healing practices now.  I appreciate the simplicity of the practice,  Paul and Beverly made everything clear and simple and assisted us in practice sessions throughout each class.  They have so much experience, information, insight and dedication to share this with everyone and benefit all.

I appreciate this and the practicality to share the simple aspect of Love Thy Neighbor.

Thank you Bio-Touch, Paul Bucky, Beverly Wood and all staff.  I am really excited to share, to practice and to teach this to others.

Lorrayne Mills

I have heard of Bio-Touch technique and was offered an opportunity to learn Bio-Touch along with earning CE credits for my massage license.

Bio-Touch is an easy and effective technique to use in and of itself as well as being able to pair it with other treatment modalities that I incorporate with my existing clients.  I would also recommend this technique to friend, family and clients who are wanting to learn a technique they can learn to use with others.  I appreciate the set points that are available in the manual to incorporate together.

Shannon Sullivan

I thought the class was engaging, interesting, done well and was not disappointing.  Bio-Touch gives me a light touch option for healing and connecting with people and family.

Randy Usem

The class is wonderful.  I don’t have much experience in the knowledge of where every part of the body is located, however with Bio-Touch I have learned some.  I am looking forward to using Bio-Touch with my Reiki to help others feel good and help with healing their bodies.

Jill Ward

It was healing to be around others who believe in healing and let the good energy flow.
The techniques really work on me and give me a peaceful feeling too.

Charla Konneker

My wife and I took BioTouch training 4 years ago. It has proven to be a great investment.
My wife is more skilled than I am but she is able to bring me out of atrial fibrillation and to lower my blood pressure by 20 pts.
That is incredible for us. It has significantly reduced my stress when I do go into atrial fibrillation. There is peace of mind for her, also!

Theodore Bahn

I have suffered with Lyme disease for many years, and still do. When I discovered Bio-Touch, I was critical. I thought “how could light touch help me?” After three treatments, I noticed I felt much better on the days I received. I have chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive issues and balance problems. I feel more alert on the day I receive and more upbeat about my future. I have been receiving for years, and will continue as long as Bio-Touch is open, which I hope is forever. I love it!

April 2015

Jane Merrifield-Beecher

The Certified Practitioner training has been a very rewarding journey. Bev Wood was the practitioner during most of my internship and guided me with love through the maze of points. I am grateful for the grace and kindness with which the recipients accepted me as I was learning the points and the techniques. The 4 recipients I worked with every Saturday had been members of Bio-Touch for years and knew exactly where the points were and what I should do. I learned a lot from them, and I was amazed at the instant relationships that were joined right from the start.

The training was excellent, and now I am ready to take Bio-Touch into my community. I knew I wanted to do some kind of volunteer work after I retire, and I have found it.

Bio-Touch is a beautiful way to connect with people when I move after I retire.

Thank you Paul, Bev, Charlotte and IFBM!

Bettina Brentano

I became a Practitioner to learn a new skill to use effectively that’ fast, easy and non-evasive to the body.

As a retired LPN I find it refreshing to be part of this cheerful, respectful healing process using our two fingers of each hand to help each other to physical wellness. simplicity with caring goes a long way as a humanitarian life style.

Conscious self awareness has also been my spiritual practice for 35 years & Bio-Touch fits into it very nicely.

Carol Maun

The class validates my feeling that “simple” is not stupid.

Virginia Tilley

My experience with this class was outstanding because i got to see everything in a different perspective about healing.

Lizette Duarte

Call me “Doubting Thomas”, though my name is Mike.  I thought Bio-Touch was just another flashy thing that my wife got interested in.  But I was wrong!  Bio-Touch has given me a powerful tool that I can teach patients to use for their healing and empowerment.  It has also opened a whole new realm of my senses to use to help my patients.

Mike Blanchard, MDYuba City, CA

I thought that it was very interesting that anybody can do what you do as an expert. I also tried it out on my mom and she said it helped her a lot. I also think that you are very generous for not charging people who come in. I think that people like you can really change the earth. I think from now on when I have a headache, I am going to do what you taught me.

Julina P.Hohokam Elementary School Student, Tucson AZ

I thank you for coming in my class and educating me. The things you taught me I’ll never forget. Ex: Last night I had a headache and I had my mother do the neck procedure and this morning I felt great. I will probably have my mother go there because she gets a lot of migraines.

Josh D.Hohokam Elementary School Student, Tucson, AZ

I believe Bio-Touch offers valuable tools to nurses and patients’ families. I took the introductory Class at Kapiolani Community College and have gone on to become certified by the Foundation.   I feel especially grateful to have been involved with a recipient who I worked with from the ICU through the skilled nursing Facility who had been diagnosed with Guillian Barre. I encourage all nurses to attend this introductory course and learn more about the healing potential of Bio-Touch.

Dolly Smith, RNS, MSNurse, HOnolulu, HI

I know it’s helped me. but I don’t know how to put it into words!  When my Molly (my 7 year old daughter) starts to get a cold I just work on her, and it goes away and doesn’t develop into a full-blown cold.

Shari BuckyHonolulu, HI

Bio-Touch is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. It has been quite a journey of self awareness over the last 8 years. and in May 2014 I reached another milestone when I became a certified instructor.

As a service oriented person, it is very rewarding to be a practitioner. I love working at the center and giving sessions. But now as an instructor too, I have the opportunity not only to teach and share Bio-touch, but also to assist the foundation in realizing its mission and vision. I feel that I get to play a small part in the journey of those who come to learn the technique and then can also share Bio-Touch in the world.


Bev WoodInstructor 2014

For me, it’s meeting all the people that make up the Bio-Touch family that has made such a difference in my life.  I am thankful for everything I received, every experience I had, and everyone I came in contact with, which got me to this point. I am in the NOW where I am much more aware.

Horace BarnesStaff & Recipient since 2007

I’m thankful for the emotion of gratitude…just that wonderful surge that comes with thankfulness, is such a gift.


Cheryl HackettPractitioner & Recipient since 2010

I’m thankful for the clarity of my mind and all the insight that it brings.

Cece CameronCertified Practitioner 2013