This month’s theme is the written word, and as I was wondering what to write in this blog, I thought about the powerful and inspirational words that are found in the Bio-Touch Manual and in our book, Bio-Touch: Healing With the Power in Our Fingertips.

On the Mondays with Bev and Paul Show, we try to read something every week from either the manual or the book because we want to share the love, hope and awareness that Bio-Touch offers everyone.  As we have said many times, Bio-Touch is a gift that humanity is now ready to receive.  Because not only do we believe that our birthright is to be healthy, happy and loved, we believe that by practicing Bio-Touch, every one, anywhere in the world, can claim that birthright.

With Spring just a week away, I find myself preparing for the “awakening” which Nature promises, and also, I find myself having thoughts that in this great time of change and opportunity, Bio-Touch is the perfect “awakener” and the way for Humanity to begin to heal and remember that our innate nature is love.  Only in love can we recognize our oneness and fulfill our purpose.

The International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) is also experiencing many exciting changes and amazing opportunities.  As we continue to grow and work to bring Bio-Touch to the world, I am grateful that the main purpose and high ideals of IFBM is to keep the integrity of this healing technique as it is written in our manual and presented in our book.


  1. I am extremely happy to have reconnected with Paul. It was at least 24 years ago when I had the great good fortune to learn Bio-Touch and be helped by the technique. I’ve been helping people all these years with the Touch. Now I have an opportunity to be part of the Bio-Touch community and help heal the world.
    All I can say is, Thank You!
    Dave Claussen
    Durango, CO

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