December 18, 2017

“Can you become dependent on Bio-Touch?”
GUEST: Sharilyn Powelson
How did she get involved, how has it helped.
Join MeetUp

December 11, 2017

How is the practice of Bio-Touch an act of Forgiveness?
Holiday Party synopsis with pictures
The Puppet Lady: Rose Mayer
P’Nash the Magician
Self Awareness Award
Volunteer of the Year Award
Read from the Manual: Associate
SET: Infection, Allergy & Poison

December 4, 2017

Why do we share Bio-Touch
Special Guest: Dave Claussen,
Certified Practitioner from Durango, Colorado, USA
Bio-Touch is a Gift.
It truly is One Size Fits All
SETS: Enhancements & Local Work

November 27, 2017

“What are you thankful for?”
Les with the book
Read Chapter 5
Thankful for our recipients
Thank you for letting yourself be Loved!
Thankful for all of those who help get Bio-Touch out to humanity
Thankful for the Gift of Bio-Touch
On our Facebook page: #donate
Giving Tuesday

November 20, 2017

Play song by Horace Barnes
Quote by Anita Morjani
Give the gift of Love
Bodies are the vessal
The Tucson Center is the Heart which pumps the blood called Bio-Touch
Let’s all activate this gift

November 13, 2017

How can you charge for the truth?
Go over Certification Program
Humanity is in transition
Separation into inclusiveness
All in foundation are Volunteers
We don’t charge for session
The magic of Bio-Touch

November 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Sharilyn
Leonardo de Vinci painting
University of Arizona School of Integrative Medicine
How we participated
Allopathic acceptance of Bio-Touch
Read from Manual
Do you have to believe in BT?
Address the body…changes at cellular level
the WOW factor of BT
Give the gift of Membership
Give the gift of the Book

October 30, 2017

Germany update
Anniversary of HAIR – the theater production
Bio-Touch is of the present moment
What is that JustTouch philosophy?
Application of “Love Thy Neighbor”
Just ‘Allow”

October 23, 2017

Happiness is our birthright
DreamCatcher: Marcia Krumweide Tims
News from Germany trainings
DVD now on shelves in Germany
Happiness is our right & promise
Bio-Touch opens us to that promise
The WOW factor
BT is magical

October 16, 2017

Class Photo
New CP/Intern: Christine Vock, Switzerland
Sexual abuse and harassment issues in country
Read Epilogue: Get out of the ordinary solutions.
We are in a time of “we”, no longer the “I”

October 9, 2017

Technical Difficulties…IKES
But the show DID go on!
Read Epilogue: Suppress the Ego
We don’t project love…do Bio-Touch and Love just happens.
Center of the Dreamcatcher: Jose & Nila Laguana

October 2, 2017

Sorry! Las Vegas killings
DreamCatcher: Deborah Cooper
Hoplessness, fear & suffering of humanity
Unity of humanity is Love
We are all made from Star Dust
Read Dilemma
Show the children
Show the Wart photo
All Workshops are Live Stream now

September 25, 2017

Fall is in the air
Ostomy presentation highlights
DreamCatcher: Nichole Sereno
Page 145 from Book
Our continued frustration
Give people hope & take responsibility
Mind/Body link
Stress Chart
CP Highlight: Michaela Haupt, Germany

September 18, 2017

Shana Tova – Jewish Happy New Year
DreamCather: Sharon Perry
Shared Bio-Touch: Ronstadt Insurance & Del Webb at Dove Mountain, with Sandy Knight
Book is in Pima County Public Library
There is a Library Campaign starting
Read from Book: Self healing vs Loving one another
BT puts us into relationship
You can do BT as a total human, with all our “faults” too.
How it helps with anger

September 11, 2017

Why we do the show:
1. How to “do” Bio-Touch
2. Go over Vision of Foundation
3. Dialogue with public
9/11 anniversary…
How & why to use BT in emergency care
Purging and cleansing with love
Learn points to help relieve distress
Bio-Touch book in Public Library

September 4, 2017

Blow out the candle on the cake
Center of DreamCatcher: Destiny Dusenbery
Special Guest: Kai Milligan
How BT has impacted her life
What is her Vision for sharing BT
Speak of her generation using BT
Introduce Destiny from Oregon
Present her with Certified Practitioner Certificate
Eat Cake!!!

August 28, 2017

Welcome back Paul with Photos
DreamCatcher: Sylvia Heinen
Read Mission: Love thy neighbor
Support good health
Read Rose testimonial

August 21, 2017

The Great Eclipse 2017 at this moment
The message of the Eclipse & Bio-Touch
Open the Heart…body, mind and spirit
Center of the DreamCatcher: LouAnn Prince
Read from the Epilogue
Graduating Practitioners
Does Bio-Touch work?
There is always an effect….why?

August 14, 2017

Sharing Prenatal Care
DreamCatcher Center: Sarah Masse
We work WITH…recipient & pain & symptoms of disease.
Bio-Touch is not a fight against disease…it is love
No Levels in ability to practice Bio-Touch
Shared training programs
Share STRESS set

August 7, 2017

Full Moon at 11:11am
Past week: Practitioner Training, School for Deaf & Blind; Tucson Rotary Club
Read Quotes from Rotary Club on Touch
Center of DreamCatcher: Larry Kugelman
Read from manual: ASSOCIATE
Talk about working WITH people, not ON
Equality of everyone
Speak of the common language

July 31, 2017

Les Geisel, Recipient, is our guest
New DVD with Menu of Chapters
Center of the DreamCathcer: Lew Crane
Michaela – First CP to be authorized to teach Practitioner Training
Bio-Touch is of the heart
Paul testimonial of couple who spoke of BT being one technique that brought them hope
Share Metabolism Set
Next Workshop: Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis

July 24, 2017

Gone are the zombies
Welcome back Chiara from Gary Indiana
Share Germany workshop
Center of DreamCatcher: Rob Shoults
Bev testimonial of son’s small stroke
Talk about HOPE
Joanna Massey…make friends with uncertainty
Taking Responsibility
Bio-Touch is of the heart
Paul testimonial of couple who spoke of BT being one technique that brought them hope
Share Metabolism Set
Next Workshop: Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis

July 17, 2017

DreamCathcer: Kelly Graver
Hope is Trust
Quote Preface: Everyone who has an inherent love for those suffering

July 10, 2017

Class in Hamburg, Germany
Center of DreamCatcher: Caprice Green
Dave Claussen Testimonial – pain free
Giving Is Receiving
“I don’t know, is I Love…”
Testimonial of Rose helping her husband, who had a stroke, do Bio-Touch on her.

July 3, 2017

Independence Day
DreamCatcher: Sandy Totaro
BT in Mexico
BT in Durango CO
Share Sarah Masse Interview
What is the Mind/Body Connection
Bev’s growth due to back issue
Simplicity of class
Sinus Set

June 26, 2017

Love to Michelle in hospital
DreamCatcher: Terrie Sherman
Classes around the world: Germany, Colorado
Little Trevor Testimonial video
Manual: Know Thyself
Why are we grateful for Bio-Touch
Service and affluency
Set: Allergy, Infection & Poison

June 19, 2017

Hokule’a voyage
DreamCather Center: Mary Shelor
Share testimonials from Class
Ursela – our elder in the class
Nicole – Simplicity
Simplicity of practicing Bio-Touch
Quote the manual
The Book: Chapter 2
Show Greeting

June 12, 2017

Share Practitioner Training
Read Part of Chaper 2
DreamCatcher: Mary Ramirez
Testimonial: Massage Therapist – Pete
Testimonial: Hospice – Barbara

June 5, 2017

Special Guest German CP, Michaela Haupt
DreamCatcher: Jill Schildhouse
Share Chap 4 of book, with German reading
Skepticism in relation to BT

May 29, 2017

Bev is Back
Memorial Day ideas
DreamCatcher: Rhonda Harper
Graduate Practitiioners
New Certified Practitioner: Dave Claussen
Why & How we teach Bio-Touch
What’s It All About? Answers from class…
Chapter 1 from Book
How to address Headaches
Show Neck Set and Local Work

May 22, 2017

Bev’s in Oregon
DreamCatcher: Angela Lorenne Maggi
Interview: Dave Clausen, Durango CO
What is certification classes
The Book: Chapter 6
Can you be dependent on Bio-Touch

May 15, 2017

DreamCatcher: Terry Hardee
Affluency is affluency when you give it away
How is BT received by all socio-economic groups
Having BT is a sense of abudence
Chapter 8 of The Book
How Grandfather influenced Paul to do BT
Heart SET

May 8, 2017

Health Fair report: Oyegbola Family Foundation at Tucson Baptist Church
Center of DreamCathcer: Molly Nelson
IONS Presentation report: What did we learn?
Sharing just simple Love.
Present child learning to work on dad

May 1, 2017

May Day; Global Love Day; Lei Day
DreamCatcher: Julie & Derek Wood
Bio-Touch is Meditation
Bio-Touch is Relationship & Equality
Testimonials Julie & Paula
Story of meeting Norman
SHOW Stress Set

April 24, 2017

Letter from Lahaina, HI
Recreation Therapist Conference
“Stimulating Body, Mind & Spirit”
DreamCathcer: Ana & Dennis Griffin
Read Epilogue
Work WITH folks, not “on” folks
BT is a relationship

April 17, 2017

Resurrection of touch
Touch phobic society
Men need touch, not just for sex
Learning the WE without losing the I
Gary Quote and research: touch on skin
DreamCather: Michelle Cardena

April 10, 2017

Joy Cornelius, CP Chicago
Hospice Care
Power of Touch
Loving Touch
Children Learn
DreamCathcer: Nobu Jines

April 3, 2017

How & Why does Bio-Touch work?
We don’t know…simplicity
Humanity is ready for Bio-Touch
Show research data
Read page 29 of Book
DreamCatcher: Ann Lemley
Sinus Set

March 27, 2017

DreamCatcher: Donna Martin
Not having any perception of something happening
Read Page 29 of Book
Nancy Testimonial on LOVE
SET: Lower Abdomen
Testimonial: Class participant who had miscarriages, shared BT with her husband and felt it opened their relationship to a deeper level

March 20, 2017

Happy Equinox
Happy Birthday Bev
DreamCatcher: Lila & Irv Berman
Gary Quote: BT Love Fosters
How BT Practitioner can protect themselves
Speak about: protection, Intent, Self-Awareness,
Responsibility, Love,
A Chain which shall go on indefinitely
Testimonials – MS & Flashbacks

March 13, 2017

DreamCatcher: Chardonai
Friend Visits from Mancos
Quote Gary from Book
Most Unique Healing Technique
Letter about concussions
Upper Ab points
Story of Acid Reflux going away
Massage Therapists Testimonial class

March 6, 2017

DreamCatcher: Robin Hall
Why we address the body
Question from Irmina
Show Allergy Set

February 27, 2017

Memorial for Irv Berman
Oscars & Bio-Touch: Just Love
DreamCatcher: Charlotte Wyner
Ship Lady Testimonial
Question from Audience: Allergies
German Publication & Website
EYE set

February 20, 2017

Welcome Back, Paul
Annual Board Meeting
Activiation of Bio-Touch in world
DreamCatcher Center: Deborah Wentworth
2016 – 5,700 volunteer hours = $130,000
German Book is published
Picture of Royalty check
Heart Set

February 13, 2017

Live from Hawaii
DreamCathcer: Sharilyn Powelson
The beginnings of the Foundation
What is Self Awareness in relation to BT
Love is all there is

February 6, 2017

Center of DreamCatcher: Annick Rappole
New Certified Practitioner: Mary Shelor
Answer to: “What’s it all about?”
Story of Revolution movement
Show GREETING on baby

January 30, 2017

Via Phone in Center
DreamCathcer: Lana Lytle
Certification Program
Role of Bio-Touch on Global Scene
Greeting Set
How you can learn Bio-Touch

January 23, 2017

Guest: Michelle Cardenas
Center of Dreamcatcher: Robe-Jean Chandler
How to present Bio-Touch.
Certification Program
Intern Program
Lower Abdomen Set
First set of points Norman received

January 16, 2017

DreamCatcher: Lester Geisler
Julie Wood guest
How you got involved
How you use BT with your family
How can BT help your generation
How does BT build confidence
LUNG set

January 9, 2017

Center of DreamCatcher: Gael Chilson
Why we do this show.
Read Vision Statement
It is simple, simple, simple
Share EAR set
Howard Chait work in Phoenix

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year
DreamCatcher: Cheryl Hacket
This is a 1 year – initiating new cycles
Self Awareness – Read Epilogue
Share Sinus Set