Welcome to 2017, and as I recently mentioned on the Monday with Bev and Paul Show, adding together the numbers 2,0,1,7 equals 1.  The number 1 is the initiating number of new cycles and it heralds expanding possibilities and opportunities.  But just as important, the number 1 sets the stage for a new direction from the past.  In light of the planetary crisis we are witnessing, a very profound number indeed!

For the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM), 2017 will initiate a new and exciting cycle of opportunity as we expand our global efforts to share Bio-Touch with the world.  After all, Bio-Touch is a Divine Idea whose time has come for humanity to embrace.  This light touch offers the gift of remembering that our nature is love.  It unlocks the door to self awareness and healing on all levels. I believe Bio-Touch is relevant and necessary for humanity because it is here to support us in this time of shifting, crisis and new direction.

In 2017, and in the spirit of service, I would ask you to consider expanding your possibilities and opportunities by offering your unique gifts and talents to the work of IFBM.  This work is important for humanity and is a worthwhile organization to be a part of and support.  Whatever your contribution, know that you will be a gift bearer and a global representative of this unique technique.

My wish for humanity in 2017 is that we grow more in self-awareness and our lives become more abundant with health, happiness and love.


  1. I, as the Tao Time Sage, offer a few ways to look at the time we are entering.
    1. January 28th, we enter the Year of the Red Fire Rooster – Awakening (Rude or Loving (not a choice)
    2. As the cycle goes around we enter Hexagram #36 Darkening of the Light: Refinements stimulate admiration in the sensitive and provoke brutality in the barbaric. An untimely refinement may be so misunderstood that it is ignored by all and begets injury to its originator. Damage.
    3. Change is ever present. Sweet reality gives way to sour reality gives way to……. Be in the time you are in.
    4. Finally there is what is called the Wall Street Waltz: Three steps forward, two steps back. Identify the level of refinement you will hold to. Heed the words of Chuang Tzu; the foolish fly in the face of opposition and are killed, the wise survive by biding their time and wait for when it is safe again.

    Flow like water,
    Burn like fire,
    The Tao Tme Way

  2. 2017 New Year Goal – Terrific – we have recently become members and look forward to our first Bio-Touch experience. With all the technology “stuff” in use today, self aware is more important than evern but to me added to that is an understanding by the youth of today what the real meaning of self awareness is. Thank you Bev for the inspiring message.

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