It’s another new year, and for me, a new cycle inspiring thoughts of fresh opportunities and greater possibilities for growth and happiness.  Resolutions and goals are great, but I try to always strive towards something better for myself and those I care about.

I took a few minutes to reflect on 2014 and was surprised at how my life had been inspired and changed through Bio-Touch and my association with IFBM.  Not only in ways of service, but in contributing to my growth in self awareness.

What a year!

As I look towards 2015 and my continuing work with this amazing organization, I am filled with excitement and expectation.  After all, I get to work with wonderful, dedicated people who share the vision of bringing Bio-Touch more fully into the world.

So what fresh opportunities and greater possibilities are you looking for this year?  Believe me, IFBM is a worthwhile place to begin your search!

Bev Wood
IFBM Co-Director


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Bio-Touch!
    I am so excited for all the great things in store for 2015!

    Love you 🙂

  2. Every day as a Bio- Touch Practitioner has opened my heart. It has continuously been an opportunity to build awareness of complimentary wellness options that strengthen and heal. My goal this year is to keep talking about Bio- Touch and doing it!

  3. thanks bev. i have to say that bio touch has changed my life too, for the better. i had a treatment today, and came out of the room feeling much calmer and the pain much less. i thank God for sending me to bio touch!

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