Reading Debra’s blog on Arthritis reminded me of how much trauma our poor little bodies hold. We all share the experience of having a body and it is here that we can recognize and express our compassion for each other.

Practicing Bio-Touch brings us into the presence of another and gives us the opportunity to truly share ourselves.  That light, loving touch has the power to unlock the body to begin the healing process.  In time and with consistency, Bio-Touch promotes the growth of self awareness on the other subtle levels.  It presents us with the awareness that we are empowered to make different choices, and that we, alone, are responsible for our own healthcare and the quality of our lives.

The power of Bio-Touch is hope.  Not necessarily the hope of a disease-free or pain-free body, but the hope of all things possible beyond what we see as the body.

I am reminded of a couple that I have been working with in the last few weeks.  The husband had been through a few surgeries and was on high potency prescriptions and dealing with the side effects.  They were at the end of their rope and were open to just about anything that might help.  After one session with him, the wife learned the sets of points I suggested and began doing Bio-Touch at home.  By the second session, they both had learned the sets of points and were so excited that they had found a tool they could use whenever the need arose.  My heart was so grateful that I just began to cry and I realized that Bio-Touch had given them the gift of hope— that together anything was possible.   

For me, loving service is something that is given in the moment of need.  My experience with this couple has shown me that such a level of intimacy can be experienced by anyone who steps into that moment.  To quote from the Bio-Touch training manual, “everyone, because of their inherent love and compassion for those who are suffering, can perform these methods without limitations.” 

It is a loving service we are all called to and Bio-Touch is a loving service.  It is so simple and so accessible to everyone.  The moment we make the choice to bring Bio-Touch into our lives, we immediately begin to open to all the possibilities of our birthright to be healthy, happy and loved.


  1. Well said, Bev! What a beautiful testimony on how love touches each of us. Bio-Touch allows the connection, the awareness of the capability of loving one another with just a simple touch, and how we can improve our lives.

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