I recently dreamed that I was back in elementary school. My friend, Kenneth, gave me a Valentine’s Day card, and some candy his mother had made. The chocolates were delicious, but apparently contained ingredients that I was allergic to. I got so sick, I spent hours in the emergency room. The next year, the same thing happened as it did the year after that. I knew I’d probably get sick, but I just couldn’t resist eating that scrumptious, toxic candy!

I woke up feeling grateful that Bio-Touch is available in my real life to alleviate all kinds of annoying allergy symptoms. I didn’t even know about Bio-Touch until February of 2010. That was when my friend, Clara, gave me a membership for sessions at the Bio-Touch Center. That was the best Valentine’s Day gift I could have ever received. Now, I keep my membership up-to-date as a way to show my love for the service offered there. And, I’m grateful that I can pass Bio-Touch on to other families, to help them with the kind of allergic reaction I experienced in my dream.

But dreaming or awake, one thing I know is whether you live in Tucson or Timbuktu, purchasing a membership helps keep the doors of the Center open. When you give the non-toxic gift of an IFBM membership to a friend or family member, you will have a Valentine for life!

Sylvia McConico
IFBM Board President



  1. well said sylvia. i had not thought of giving a membership to someone. great idea. i am grateful for the bio-touch every day. i pass it on to all my friends,but you can lead a horse to water,but can’t make them drink…they have not all taken advantage of it’s healing power. i keep spreading the good word though! happy valentine’s day to you. love, jane

  2. Since becoming a certified practitioner 4 years ago, I’ve been on the “self discovery road” and
    I’m enjoying every bit of it. Bio-Touch not only helps you physically, but mentally and spiritually.
    The center is such a safe ,warm and loving place to be. I can’t ever see myself being without

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