Do you know someone who has volunteered for sixty-five years? Fifty years? Twenty years? One year? Or even one month?  Whether that someone has worked sixty-five years or just a few days, you know someone who is Love. Working as a volunteer requires loving what you do and perhaps having a bigger picture in mind that serves humanity, not just a small group or one person.

I know many volunteers serving humanity one Bio-Touch session at a time. Practicing the steps and points as taught in the Practitioner Class and Certified Practitioner Class allows the practitioner to “just touch” the recipient and let the healing begin. And it doesn’t matter how long the practitioner has been in service at the Bio-Touch Center in Tucson or any place they practice this complementary modality. They are as effective being a new practitioner as any practitioner who has practiced for years.

My sixty-five years being a volunteer in many capacities and for many organizations has paled in comparison to the five years I’ve served IFBM and Bio-Touch in various positions. That is why my heart expands in gratitude to the staff at 5634 E. Pima in Tucson, AZ.  Our volunteer staff and Board of Directors deserve a huge THANK YOU for the services rendered there.

You can join us anytime – classes are offered regularly and are the least expensive of any healing modality being offered, to my knowledge. Become a Bio-Touch volunteer, not just for recognition each April, but because you, too, are Love.

Sylvia McConico
IFBM Board President

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