Summer Solstice

Many people around the world celebrate the summer solstice by building traditional bonfires. Our IFBM Board of Directors recently built a symbolic bonfire when we reviewed our By-Laws. By-Laws are a guidepost for governing the organization as we work to fulfill the mission and vision. So we threw some of the articles of those By-Laws on the fire and updated them to reflect who we are today. We also expanded the Board and now have ten Directors who will assume some of the responsibilities of leadership.

Good governance is being proactive and anticipating needs while listening to the staff and membership for the advancement of the organization. Our Bio-Touch Center is focused on teaching Bio-Touch and serving the recipients who walk through our doors. Our Board of Directors continues to support this goal wholeheartedly.

Build your own bonfire (symbolic or literal) and burn away the old. Welcome the new growth that comes from clearing away that which no longer serves your highest good. Join us as we bask in the sunlight of summer.

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