What brought me here:  My husband had a stroke in 2008 & 2011.  We were using acupuncture since Nov 2014.  It was helping but it was discouraging when he plateaued.  We found Bio-Touch on the internet.  I became a member, downloaded the manual, practiced the points as taught..AND NOTICED RESULTS.

This class was fun!  I felt very safe and comfortable throughout the whole class.  I learned a lot.  It helped to find the points on other people.  I also learned more info about local work to really help Larry (my husband) with his high blood pressure and to get more mobility in his hand and hopefully help his hyper-extended knee.

For me, I want to keep my health.  I’m doing great but want to feel and be even greater.

Rose Mayer

I was open to learning this technique but somewhat skeptical as to how much it would add to my practice.  After a profound healing experience during my second class, I am a convert.  I recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their life or the lives of their loved ones.

EDITOR NOTE: Paula had a profound experience teaching her husband how to work on her and she working on him.  He stated that their relationship just seemed to go to a deeper level.

Paula Taylor, LMT

I was introduced to Bio-Touch 2 years ago by Terry Hardy.  I thank her every day since for sharing this special “energy” healing method with me

In May, I had an eye examination and was told that I needed to have cataract surgery.  Since my eye doctor doesn’t perform surgeries,  I saw another doctor who does.  When I saw him in June, he told me that I wouldn’t need surgery for at least 10 years.  He was surprised I had been told I needed surgery and was curious about what I had done that made my eyes so much better.  The only answer I could give him was Bio-Touch.  Cheryl and Genny have been doing the eye points for the past few months.  I couldn’t wait until my next appointments so I could share this wonderful news with my special practitioners.

The second thing I would like to share about Bio-Touch is the feeling I get when I am at the Center.  I have had back pain for four years and am having my third surgery next month.  I know Bio-Touch will help in my recovery after my surgery, and that my back will finally be able to benefit from the healing energy I will receive.  I have found that spiritually and emotionally, the power of just being at the Center lifts my spirits and fills me with a peacefulness.  The practitioners and other recipients whom I have met are all such kind, loving, giving, genuine individuals.  My friends ask me why I continue to go to Bio-Touch if I feel so well .My response is always, “Exactly.”

Terrie Sherman

“Today as I fill the 8th worksheet of this course, just being a part of the foundation makes me smile and fills me with hope. I like knowing I am supported in my journey and that the work I do in turn adds to a larger mission. Also, the dream of setting up a donation based Bio-Touch center here came into being only when I connected with Paul and the foundation.”
Chetna – India 2016

Chetna Chakravarthy

I am so glad I signed up for this class.  I feel like I learned a lot in the 2 days we met.  I am confident in starting using Bio-Touch right away on my family and friends.  I am excited at the idea of enhancing their health and well being.

Thank you Paul, Debra and Bev!

Florence Kelly

This Bio-Touch class was super easy to learn, and even more amazing to receive.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and am happy to have another tool in my toolbox to serve, help and bring relief to different populations of people with different conditions.

“Touch comes before sight, before speech.  It is the first language and the last, and it always tell the truth.”  Margaret Atwood

Erin Jorgenson

I have heard of Bio-Touch technique and was offered an opportunity to learn Bio-Touch along with earning CE credits for my massage license.

Bio-Touch is an easy and effective technique to use in and of itself as well as being able to pair it with other treatment modalities that I incorporate with my existing clients.  I would also recommend this technique to friend, family and clients who are wanting to learn a technique they can learn to use with others.  I appreciate the set points that are available in the manual to incorporate together.

Shannon Sullivan

The class is wonderful.  I don’t have much experience in the knowledge of where every part of the body is located, however with Bio-Touch I have learned some.  I am looking forward to using Bio-Touch with my Reiki to help others feel good and help with healing their bodies.

Jill Ward

It was healing to be around others who believe in healing and let the good energy flow.
The techniques really work on me and give me a peaceful feeling too.

Charla Konneker

Call me “Doubting Thomas”, though my name is Mike.  I thought Bio-Touch was just another flashy thing that my wife got interested in.  But I was wrong!  Bio-Touch has given me a powerful tool that I can teach patients to use for their healing and empowerment.  It has also opened a whole new realm of my senses to use to help my patients.

Mike Blanchard, MDYuba City, CA