Bio-Magnetics Touch Healing has changed my life profoundly.

In July, 1998, I shared with a friend that I was in the process of taking classes for healing touch. In turn, she shared with me about BMTH and suggested I ask about their classes. As the universe would have it, they were having a practitioner training that weekend. After listening to the story of BMTH and learning about the Center, I knew I had to get involved on some level. Needless to say, my path would take a turn as I entered the doors of IFBM.

Immediately following the PT, I decided to do the Certification Class and began interning at the Center. As I interned, I also got treatment regularly. I began to notice not only physical changes, but also changes in my mental and emotional state of being. Everything I do comes back to myself. Childhood issues surfaced taking me deeper into self. BMTH is like a “trigger point,” the aspect that has brought everything together for me. A long time ago I made a conscious choice to let go of the past and bitterness. BMTH has helped me to understand on a deeper level that the unconscious mind holds all. I could see more clearly my illusions and truth. The best way I can explain what it is for me is by this quote: “The surface holds only illusions; search deeper for the truth.”

I have shared it with my family, friends and many others. I have seen wonderful results with mu children and they love it. One of the neatest things about BMTH is it is contagious. A good friend took my boys to the park. As she pushed my 3 year old son on the swing, she hurt her head. She told me that he got off the swing and began to do sweeps on her hand, telling her he could help her; he knew touch healing. I feel BMTH is a wonderful gift I have been able to share with my children and all others. Because it is so simply, my children can do it and gives them a sense of self-worth by allowing them to help others.

BMTH is an important part of my life and I use it daily. I have been able to share it on very intimate levels. With friends as a Chaplain in hospitals and in homes, I have found that BMTH gives people a sense of integrity, comfort and peace allowing them to move in their own direction and at their own pace. It has been a blessing to see how love helps me get out of the way. Recently, I have found myself teaching BMTH sets to people whether I know them or not. The teaching aspect has become very important to me. I love our mission statement: “Love one another” – it tells me everything I need to know. BMTH has given me so much I have a sense I cannot fail. It is definitely a process of self-awareness and awakening for me.

Diane Gates Hawkins; Honolulu, HI
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Diane Hawkins

To whom it may Concern:

Thank goodness for Bio-Magnetics!   I have been receiving Bio-Magnetics’ treatments for about 13 moths now and what a change.

The treatments were for high blood pressure, sinus, circulation, back pain, numbness of arms, and stiffness in legs.

The first treatments were for sinus and high blood pressure.  The sinus gave instant comfort as the nasal passage opened up allowing me to breathe deeper.  It was very noticeable a few days later at a singing rehearsal.

The blood pressure treatment felt good but I didn’t notice it going down until after the third or fourth treatment.  I have now passed a physical to get a new life insurance program I flunked previously.

Last December I changed jobs to torqueing bolts in an air gun.  The vibration caused my arms to go numb from my fingertips to my shoulders.  This caused a lot of sleepless nights.  While receiving treatments for this, I could feel the pain go down my arms and out my fingers.

I have been getting 2 or 3 treatments per week for over a year now and amvery grateful for Bio-Magnetics.

Thank you.

Robert Broman

Robert Broman

Anyone who comes to the Honolulu Center on a regular basis will at some point have the opportunity to meet Anapela Lokelani Guveia., otherwise known as Lani.

Lani has become an institution at the Center, and we are pleased to have her. She brings her very own brand of compassion and good humor to us all.   If you’ve ever experienced a “double whammy” or have been”buss-up” you know what we’re talking about.

Lani told me that the first she heard of Bio-Magnetics was from a recipient she knew.  When she heard about it, she called us immediately because, she said, “It sounded like what I was looking for.”  She came in and signed up for a half-day workshop and the introductory class.  Paul Bucky happened to be teaching the half-day workshop and she said that while she was there, “Paul had to answer all of my questions.  Then I knew it was awesome.”

Lani then showed us how “awesome’ she is.  She immediately began to call her friends –Lani has lots of friends.  “I know a lot of people but I called people who also knew people, who know how to get doors opened and how to get this to everybody.”  And that she did!  She set up talks at people’s houses, at elderly housing facilities and just about anywhere.  “I felt I wanted to get this to people who wouldn’t have found out about the Center on their own.”  As a result of the talks, we set up several classes and starting seeing many new recipients at the Center.

She didn’t stop there but immediately began putting in her 60 hours towards Certification.  “Actually, I put in 73 ½ hours.  I wanted to make sure I got it down pat” she said.

During this whole time she never got a treatment herself.  Lani explained that shehad been injured in2 separate car accidents in1987, was still feeling effects from them; her nervous system was over-stressed and her neck bothered her a great deal.  He said, “It altered my whole life.  It was difficult for the people around me.”

Lani shared that, for years, she used other therapeutic techniques and found she felt depleted, many times getting sick herself.  When she got into Bio-Magnetics many of her family members were concerned, wondering if working on so many people would make her sick.  She told them that, not only was she not getting sick, she was getting better, even without receiving treatments herself.  She says that after working at Bio-Magnetics she’s much calmer and her neck is fine.  Lani attributes it all to working on other people. “Because of working on people, I started that it’s a two-fold process. I didn’t notice anything at first, but after a while I noticed that certain aches and pains didn’t bother me anymore.”

Lani has also been sharing Bio-Magnetics with her family. Her daughter, Haroldean Martin, began coming in when she learned she was pregnant.  She made a standing appointment to come at 10:00 a.m. on Fridays.  Haroldean came in faithfully for her session all the way up until the day the baby arrived.  Haku Hau’oll Mal’kal Martin, a beautiful 7 pound 6 ounce baby boy was born at 9:52 a.m. on Friday April 7, 1995 – as if he were trying to make his regular Bio-Magnetics appointment.   Also, Haroldean is now doing Bio-Magnetic on the baby every day, and both mother and baby are doing great!

“I love working here at Bio-Magnetics.  It has always been my childhood dream to be able to help people.  It has been great for me to pass this on, because it is for everyone.”  Lani continues to help pass on Bio-Magnetics and has become an instructor.  As soon as she became a Certified Practitioner, she enrolled in the Foundation’s Instructor program.  “Being an instructor is really my cup of tea.  I didn’t come to Bio-Magnetics to get worked on, but to share it with others.”

Lani explained that she pushed through the Instructor Program because she knew it was what she wanted to do.  “I’ve studied health and wellness techniques for 3- years and of all the techniques, Bio-Magnetics is the best.  I can’t see myself doing anything else   My hands are trained for Bio-Magnetics, my hands don’t massage anymore –they just touch.”  She went on to say that “you don’t force the body to do anything, but you let the body heal on its own terms.  So many of my old clients want me to work on them har – fo’ what?”  I tell them just let the healing take its course, don’t let that hard stuff clutter hour brain – just touch!”

“For me, working to become certified and to become an instructor took some personal sacrifices, but I knew what I was doing.  I knew what I wanted, and I knew that I needed to do it.  It’s awesome!”

Anapela Lokelani Guveia


Name:  Bunni Chatham                                                     City:  Honolulu

Initial problems:  Husband Allan had 4 crushed vertebrae in lower spine.  After attending Bio-Magnetics classes I began to work on him 20 minutes daily.

How long did you experience this problem before you came to Bio-Magnetics?   He was progressively worse for 2 years.  He could barely walk.

How did you feel after 1st treatment?  He didn’t feel anything in fact he was asleep for nearly all of the treatment.

What was your prognosis before you started Bio-Magnetics?  Kaiser planned to operate and fuse four vertebrae.

Did you notice a change in your condition after receiving Bio-Magnetics?  If so, when did that occur and what was your experience?   Over a four month period of 5 weekly treatments, he began to walk upright and could sail his boat again. In five months,, the pain was relieved.  That was over a year ago and he still gets treatments once a week and maintains a youthful energetic and frisky lifestyle.

Did you participate in any other standard or alternative health care practice while doing Bio-Magnetics?    Your Spine Center, and light work, reiki and meditation and prayer.

Did those practitioners notice any change in your condition?  Yes, of course.

Other comments:  Everybody I know thinks Bio-Magnetics is wonderful!  Thank you!

Bunni Chatham

Dear Paul and all Practitioners at the Bio-Magnetics Center;

As the joy, love and harmony of Christmas permeates the atmosphere at this time, I would like to express my gratitude and best wishes for all your loving service.  I first heard of “Touch Healing” from 2 friends who had taken the course.  They looked so healthy and were so enthusiastic about it that I decided to investigate it.

About four years ago, I had a bad fall and received a compression fracture of the left lumbar.  My doctor could help me, but I never stopped praying and I never gave up hope.  I know if we accept our problems and limitations graciously, and do not resent them, there is always a blessing in disguise there.

So I called for an appointment, found the building and started up the stairs.  As I started walking down the hallway.  I began to wonder if this was really for me.  Actually, I was beginning to have some doubts, but I said, “Lord, if this is all right for me, give me a signal quick!”

As I entered the Center, the first thing I saw was a large show case of Mega Food supplements!   I said, “Thank you Lord!”  I knew Mega Food was the top of the line as I have been using these supplements for 1 ½ years.  I knew I was in the right place.

I had my treatment and noticed how healthy all the practitioners looked, but also they had a radiance, a light, a glow, about them which most people don’t have.  I decided I’d like it also.  Even at my age, I will always want to look and feel my best and I’m willing to do all I can, but I know I also needed help.

I’ve been coming for a few months now and I am certainly seeing and feeling improvement.  My pelvis and lumbar area feel much better.  I even look better and am looking forward to more benefits.

The Bio-Magnetics “Touch Healing” recalls a statement the Great Master gave long ago.  “I came that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”  As the natural tendency of life is love, peace, harmony beauty and wholeness, this also is like Bio-Magnetics.

A few weeks ago, I received this little box (it came with a letter) from a friend.  Inside was a tiny angel.  I took it out and placed it on my mantel where I could see it as I walked by.  Right away this little angel started talking to me and “bossing me around!”  She said, “Recycle this little box!  Put something small in it to show your gratitude to Bio-Magnetics!”  I said to this little angel, “What would fit into anything this small, give me a hint!”  She answered, “Put something symbolic of the whole center. “  (Mary’s gift was a beautiful gold coin.)

Thanks again to all of you and God Bless all at the Center.

Sincerely and Aloha,

Mary K. Swig, a grateful recipient

Mary K. Swig

December 29, 1981


I am a professional real estate educator, holding a bachelor’s degree in forensic (speaking, logic, debate, login, etc.) with a minor in sociology and have been Certified as a Specialist with the mentally handicapped.

For most of my adult life, I felt that the only way to treat illness and injury was through the medical procedures.  In 1974, I was diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes.  I was able to control it with diet until about 1981.  At that time my medical doctor recommended that I begin receiving daily injections of insulin.  The dosage was low, about 10 units daily.  Gradually, it had to be increased until, by late 1989, I was taking 19 units each evening and 15 units each morning.  Use of the insulin helps keep me going, but has not cured my diabetes.

I experienced a slipped disk in my lower back in the summer of 1984.  It responded very slowly to physical therapy, but has returned to normal.

I have always had significant problems with sinusitis and some years ago and was diagnosed as having chronic bronchitis.  These conditions caused me to be on daily medication.  Said medication helped alleviate the symptoms but was of no help in curing the problem.

In the fall of 1989 I was diagnosed by the medical community of having acute diabetic neuropathy from just above my knees down to and including the toes of both feet.  I had very little feeling in the knees and none at al l in my lower legs, ankles, feet and toes.  I could not go up a flight of stairs without hanging onto the railing, knowing that one or both of my knees would buckle after 3 or 4 steps.  My feet were, according to my wife, like blocks of ice.  They were a grayish color, not the pinkish tinge of normal feet.

I was told by the doctors that there was nothing to be done in the way of a cure –their only suggestion was that physical therapy might help maintain the status quo “for a while”.

I gradually became more and more depressed as I saw that the physical therapy was not helping.  I could envision a future marked by continuing deterioration of the feet and legs and eventual amputation.  The doctors’ consolation:  “Sorry – there is no known remedy.”

My wife, Hazel, had been doing more to alleviate the neuropathic problems by use of her accu-pressure massage than had the physical therapy.  Even her ministrations, however, could not halt the deterioration in my feet and legs.  In December, 1990, Hazel attended a week-end seminar in Mancos, Colorado (Southwestern Colorado) at the Bio-Magnetic Educational Foundation  Her enthusiasm about the good work being done at the Foundation led me to ask, ”When do we start getting treatments?”

On January 10, 1991, we both began receiving treatments at the Foundation 3 times a week – I for diabetes, back problems, sinusitis and bronchitis.  Hazel was treated for glaucoma, sinusitis and related problems.

About 4months into the treatments, I noticed that my knees were beginning to hurt.  Most people would fee that that was NOT progress, but when you have had no feeling in your knees for 2 years, feeling pain is an occasion for rejoicing!  Shortly after beginning to feel pain in the knees and lower legs, I became aware that my feet were getting ticklish – another occasion for grant rejoicing!

I have reduced my insulin intake about 30% -I seldom have any numbness in the lower extremities.  I have not had to take any sinus or bronchitis medication for over 6 months.

Most importantly, I came out of the sense of depression in just a few weeks after beginning treatments.  There is simply no comparison with my current attitude toward life and that attitude I had 12 months ago.

My back problems are gradually improving. I have been seeing a chiropractor as well as having bio-magnetic treatments.  (I used to believe chiropractors were charlatans because they weren’t medical doctors.)

The world of medicine is certainly very important to all of us.  I have discovered, however, that there ARE alternative healing methods that will work, even though the M.D.’s may feel there is no cure or effective treatment.

Hazel’s eye doctor has been encouraging her for several years to have surgery. Her last several tests have shown the pressure on her eyes to be gradually lessening – a recent test showed the pressure to be at almost normal levels.

Dos Bio-Magnetics work? It certainly has for Hazel and me and for many others.  Is it magic?  Is it instantaneous?  NO!  We did not become ill or incapacitated overnight, and the body cannot heal itself overnight.  Bio-Magnetics is a process of the body healing itself when triggered by the properly applied touch of another person.

If you have physical problems that the M.D.’s don’t seem to be able to cure or alleviate, you owe it to yourself to look.  The practitioners are all volunteers who seek no reward other than that of seeing the joy of good health returned to those who are ill.  This “work of love” and concern for others is, I feel, part of the reason that Bio-Magnetic treatments are so successful.


Paul M. Robinson   Durango, CO

Paul M. Robinson


“I know it’s helped me but I don’t know how to put it into words!  When Molly (7 year old daughter) starts to get a cold I just work on her and it goes away without getting any worse.”

Shari Bucky     Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

Shari Bucky

“I have had several major concussions, my back has been fractured in 3 placed and my neck has several compression fractures.  My right hand has been pierced through the center by the horn of an angry bull.  This was all before my breast cancer diagnosis…My practitioners were surprised when the swelling and pain in my knee was gone, and it was more stable.  Also my bone scan was delayed for 1 ½ months and the results came back oral.  Progress like this a year after surgery is rare.  My uncontrolled weight gain immediately reversed, probably also with the help of herbs from my sister.  My headaches are only part-time now and are consistently diminishing.  My back pain is half as bad as it was and is also diminishing.

I am able to increase my physical activities and can again do a back flip on the trampoline and in acrobatics I can lift a 215 pound man with my legs with no pain.  Without Bio-Magnetics I probably never would have been able to do this and other skills again   I’m even able to resume surfing.

Thank you Bio-Magnetics Practitioners for your understanding, compassion and generous loving ongoing help!  As I celebrate my 52ndbirthday, I will remember your great contributions to my health, life and happiness.  I’m eternally grateful.        “

Janet Shaw    Honolulu, Hawaii

Janet Shaw


“The pain (arthritis) in my ankle used to be constant – day and night.  But ever since I’ve been coming over here, the pain has died down.”

“Take” Takemoto    Punaluu, Hawaii

“Take” Takemoto


“(May 6th) Since March4th, my blood pressure has dropped by 20 points.  I’ve reduced my blood pressure medications- Labetatol from 400 mg to 200 mg and Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory I take for Lupus from 15 mg to 5 mg.  It usually takes six months to a year to reduce doses Prednisone.  The Lupus is in remission now, and it wasn’t when I began coming in.  The condition of my kidneys has improved and I feel I can handle more stress than I ever have before.”

Margaret Morgan      Honolulu, Hawaii

Margaret Morgan