Bio-Touch is a Healing Touch Technique Used for Vertigo

Do you have that dizzy, nauseated feeling when you stand up, or do you feel like the room is spinning while you are standing still? These symptoms are often related to a condition called vertigo. Standard medical care involves taking medications, which can result in unpleasant side effects. Though no form of healing touch should be used in place of standard medical care, adding Bio-Touch to your healthcare protocol is something we can highly recommend. This healing touch therapy is easy for the family to learn and use effectively at home, or in any informal setting. Specific points are lightly touched on the body that relate to the ears, in order to ease the unpleasant symptoms of vertigo. (See link below.)

Learn Exactly How to Address Vertigo Using a Healing Touch Technique Called Bio-Touch

To begin learning Bio-Touch as healing touch therapy, simply join our non-profit network. This $18 membership entitles you to a complimentary copy of our training eBook, which is normally a $49 value. In our easy-to-follow eBook, with video links, you will learn exactly how Bio-Touch is used as a healing touch technique for vertigo.

Do You Have Questions About Vertigo Or Healing Touch Therapies?

We, at Bio-Touch, know that all touch therapies differ in some way. Should you have any questions that you would like for us to answer before becoming a member and joining our community, please call, e-mail, or send us a live chat message. When you finally join the Bio-Touch community, and practice this healing touch therapy, you will understand what makes our method so beneficial.

Always perform the GREETING before you apply any other sets.

Click Ear Set to see how Bio-Touch is used as a healing touch therapy.

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