I want to consciously respond to my children, not unconsciously react to their behavior.  Bio-Touch is important to me as a mother because I strive to find space between events and my reaction to them.  Bio-Touch helps me find that space. I have seen differences in myself and my children in our responses to each other and my ability to take a breath and be still.

    I began taking my daughter to Bio-Touch so that we could strengthen our connection and have special time together and I have seen a transformation in her ability to respond instead of react to situations that upset her.  She has also made changes in her ability to be calm and be still.

    I have recently started bringing my son, because I want him to begin to feel the space inside himself where he can be still. I am blessed with energetic, independent, and spirited children. I want to respect and honor them for who they are and live in the moment with them as much as possible. I’m not sure how, but Bio-Touch helps me with this.



“Bio-Touch makes me feel happy and relaxed.” AR (age 7)



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